Flexible Displays

Fully printed flexible displays can be realized with OLED technology features.

Features of Flexible displays

The structure is simpler than that of conventional OLED with fewer layers required. All deposition and baking steps are done in air.
The required performances for RGB are achievable with less than 12V operating voltage.

  Green Red Blue(0.16 CIEy)
Luminance turn-on < 20msec < 20msec < 20msec
Max operating voltage 12V 12V 12V
Luminance ~200cd/㎡ ~200cd/㎡ ~100cd/㎡
Operating lifetime > 200 hrs > 200 hrs > 200 hrs
Drive current density ~1.8㎃/㎠ ~9㎃/㎠ 40㎃/㎠
Average operating voltage ~10-12V ~11V ~8V
Power requirement ~20㎽/㎠ ~90㎽/㎠ ~320㎽/㎠
Shelf life tbc tbc tbc

Manufacturing process of Flexible displays

Manufacturing steps for printed displays for use in a myriad of low cost, low information content devices. The simpler device structure has fewer device processing steps compared with conventional OLED device fabrication technology.

manufacturing process of flexible displays


Example Application Areas:

Toys & Games

Hand-held Consumer Medical Devices

Consumer Wearable Devices

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