OLED lighting

OLED with a light-emitting layer thickness of less than 100nm can create "next-generation" lighting that is thin, light-weight and flexible


OLEDs have great potential for creating large area, diffuse light sources. The global market for OLED lighting is set to take off with a projection for 2025 of US$1.9B revenue (IDTechEx, 2014). Sumitomo Chemical is developing materials & manufacturing technologies for low-cost, high efficiency and large area OLED lighting.

150mm (6 inch)
With printed emissive layer

143mm x 36mm
With printed emissive layer

30mm x 10mm
Fully Flexible Substrate

Features of OLED lighting of Sumitomo Chemical

OLED lighting panels from Sumitomo Chemical are on sale in Japan and Europe. Our OLED lighting panels feature a wide variety of colors and also a dual color panel. The color and design can be customized, as the light emitting layer is fabricated by ink jet printing. The size of the OLED lighting panels currently on sale is 109 × 109 ㎜.

Demonstration of OLED panels
OLED lighting can be a mild diffused light source with neither glare nor UV. OLED lighting can be applied to room & car interiors, restaurant signage, light sources for light-sensitive manuscripts at a museum and light therapy.

Technology Demonstration

2” Colored Tiles

OLED Cosmos (Sumitomo)

Towards Printed Electronics

Light-emitting materials are developed focussing on efficiency, lifetime, power consumption and color reproducibility. Low-cost device structures with plastic substrates and ITO-free anodes, scalable roll-to-roll processes for in-line large-area printing & drying of all organic layers, and printing process like ink jet printing and die coating are being developed. Higher efficiency devices enabled by optical outcoupling technologies are also being developed.

Performance Parameters

Materials development on glass
White Efficiency
EQE Voltage
31 17 3.9 80 3000 11,000

All measurements at 1000 cd/m2

Process development for low cost R2R manufacture
66 lm/W, CRI 80 on plastic substrate with outcoupling

We acknowledge finacial support from the European Comission and the UK's Tehcnology Strategy Board

Technology Demonstration

2” inkjet printed device on a flexible substrate Shown at the 2013 Automotive Engineering Exposition

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