Ultra-high heat resistance grade with high rigidity ideal for resin terminal bobbins and lamp holders

High rigidity / Low specific gravity / Applicability to lead-free soldering (dipping) : up to 400 deg C *

*The period for solder dipping is assumed to be 1 to 2 seconds.
However, thermal-resistant temperatures of samples may be affected by their shapes.

Grade Filler Feature Application
E5008 GF40% high heat resistance,
thin-wall flowablity
various small bobbins
E5006L GF30% standard grade,
high heat resistance, high rigidity
optical pickup bobbin
E5008L GF40% UL746C (black garde) lamp holder, relay case,
various bobbins
Structure of optical pickup
Usage example1 of SUMIKASUPER E5000 Series

Coutesy of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

Usage example2 of SUMIKASUPER E5000 Series

Coutesy of PLUS Vision Corp.

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