New SUMIKASUPER LCP grades for connectors and optical pick-up bobbins

1. New grade 'Sumikasuper SZ6505HF' for connectors

Sumitomo Chemical has launched the new grade 'Sumikasuper SZ6505HF'. Sumikasuper SZ6505HF has excellent higher fluidity and lower warpage compared to existing grades, and is easier to fill into thinner areas, even less than 0.1mm. From a flow ability and warpage point of view, SZ6505HF is suitable for small and fine pitch B-to-B and FPC connectors.

2. New grade 'Sumikasuper E5205LS B' for optical pick-up bobbins

Sumikasuper E5205LS B has been placed on the market to enhance the grade line-up of ultra high thermal resistant SUMIKASUPER LCP. Characteristic technical points of Sumikasuper E5205LS B are three; a lower specific gravity of 1.2, a higher rigidity and excellent thermal resistance to pass a solder dipping process of approximately 400 deg C. Sumikasuper E5205LS B is, therefore, suitable for optical pick-up bobbins for next-generation and rapid recording DVDs

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