About us

Specialty Chemicals Division is globally marketing variety of fine/specialty chemicals.

The line-up includes distinctive and highly functional anti-oxidant, “SUMILIZER®” series serving to enhance functionality as well as product stability of plastics and elastomers. We can provide SUMILIZER® in combination with other chemicals as “One-pack” to meet various customer needs.

We also market our core product “Resorcinol” for various applications such as raw material for tire bonding adhesives. We are committed to Resorcinol stable supply to world-wide customers by taking advantage of our dual plant system deployed in Chiba and Oita as well as Sumitomo Chemical’s global sales network.

Sumitomo Chemicals is also marketing unique dyestuffs and emulsions through our affiliate company, “Sumika Chemtex Co., Ltd.” to provide excellent customer satisfaction as well as technical service to our customers.


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Sumika Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Corporation 18th Floor, Tower A, SUNYOUNG CENTER 398, Jiangsu Road, Shanghai, 200050, China