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OKAYAMA APIs & Pharma Intermediates

Large scale plant with reliable quality control and quality assurance system meeting cGMP

  • Site area about 72,400 m2
  • Total floor area about 18,700 m2 (6 facilities)
  • cGMP operation and ISO14001 certified
  • Large scale production (up to 20m3 reaction vessel)
  • High pressure hydrogenation, CO2 Kolbe reaction (7~15m3, 3.5MPa)
  • Purified water system
  • Inspected by FDA and TGA

Panoramic view of Okayama Plant

GMP facility dedicated to APIs
and advanced intermediates

Reactor (15m3)

Double corn type Drier (6m3 x 2)

Milling facility

Milling equipment (Pin type)

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