Sumitomo Chemical's Specialty Chemicals: Our specialty chemicals are distributed world-wide, creating high value to a wide range of industrial products.

Plastic Additives

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Plastic additives (or polymer additives) are specialty chemicals which are indispensable for maintaining and improving the quality of synthetic resin and synthetic rubbers at the time of production as well as during use.
Types of polymer additives : stabilizers, antioxidants, radical scavengers


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Resorcinol produced on a world leading scale by the use of our environmental friendly proprietary process is widely used as a raw material for additives in automobile tires, wood products and UV absorbers.
Major Applications : tire cord adhesives, flame retardants.

Rubber Chemicals

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Vulcanization accelerator SOXINOL®, adhesive SUMIKANOL® and coupling agent SUMILINK® are developed and supplied as next generation products which contribute to improve the performance of tire and anti-vibration rubber.

Polyolefin Emulsion

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Water-based polyolefin emulsion “SUMIFITT®” has strong adhesion to hard–to-adhere material, PP.