Unlock the Power of Genome Editing
with the World's Highest Purity gRNA

  • 90%
    100 mer
  • 80+%
    130 mer
  • 200+ mer
    gRNA with
    world-class quality

Discover the power of gRNA in therapeutic applications with Sumitomo. As the leading Japanese GMP manufacturer,
we deliver top-notch gRNA up to 200 mer at unmatched purity levels. Our commitment to innovation enables us to develop exceptional analytical methods for your clinical needs.
Our standard manufacturing method also allows us to offer you seamless scale-up at short lead times.



facility image

Specialized in gRNA manufacturing

Our oligonucleotide manufacturing facility is specifically designed to produce high-purity gRNA and started its operations from August 2023 in Oita Prefecture, Japan. Leveraging our expertise in GMP, we ensure the delivery of high-quality products, seamlessly scaling up from laboratory to GMP production.


We offer expertise in the full spectrum of manufacturing services for gRNAs for therapeutic use,
ranging from development through to clinical trials, full commercial launch and beyond.

We look forward to connecting with you and learning how we can help with your story.