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4.Enzymatic Reactions

Enzymatic Hydrolysis

  • These typical examples using Sumitomo Chemical’s proprietary enzymes were realized at our Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory.
Enzymatic Asymmetric Reduction
  • Sumitomo Chemical developed an asymmetric hydrogen-transfer bioreduction to produce chiral alcohols coupled with a NAD(P)H-regenerating system.
Sumitomo's capabilities
  • Sumitomo Chemical offers a total solution to our customers’ needs for biocatalytic processes from laboratory to commercial scale manufacture through;
  • Quick enzyme screening from our library of commercially available and proprietary enzymes.
  • Application of protein engineering technology seeking "robustness" and "improved performance" (chiral selectivity,yield) of enzyme.
  • Tailor made process development of our customer’s product using biocatalyst.

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