Exhibiting at "SAMPE Japan Exhibition 2020 ONLINE"

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. participates in "SAMPE Japan Exhibition 2020 ONLINE" and exhibits super engineering plastics at our virtual booth in the Composite Highway Consortium joint booth.

1. Outline of the exhibition

·Date: October 14 - November 13, 2020
·URL of Composite Highway Consortium Booth:
*In order to access the above website, registration for the exhibition is required.

2. Contents of the exhibit

“Challenging to create new added value by replacing metals with liquid crystal polymers!”
Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) compounds developed with our unique technology are introduced here. These materials have excellent rigidity, impact resistance and EMI shielding properties, and can contribute to weight reduction in next-generation automobiles, electronics and industrial equipment by replacing metal parts.

3. Items to be exhibited

·High modulus LCP/CF compound that enables metal replacement
·LCP/CF long fiber compound with EMI shielding properties comparable to aluminum alloys
·LCP/GF long fiber compound with excellent impact strength

For more information on the exhibition, please visit the following website.
·Sampe Japan Exhibition 2020 Online:
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