ISO 10993 biocompatible PES

We, Sumitomo Chemical, are developing liquid crystalline polyesters (LCP) and the polyethersulfone (PES) confirmed the biological safety evaluation items specified in ISO10993.

The PES has excellent transparency, heat resistance over 200℃, resistance for alcohol and hot water with chlorine. It can be applied for food display applications and medical engineering applications since it has excellent mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperature.

Furthermore, the PES has low protein adsorption which allows to widen its application in the field such as membranes in production processes of biopharmaceuticals.

We manufacture LCP and PES in domestic locations , and will also continue to work on material development to achieve SDGs by “High products quality and stable supply to customers”. Sumitomo Chemical strives to be a company which creates better and richer world by providing solutions in various fields.