Photo courtesy of GC Oxirane Co., Ltd. Photo courtesy of
GC Oxirane Co., Ltd.


Illuminating Tomorrow
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Think of our Technology Licenses as constant glows of light.
Just as the Sun’s rays are constant, reliable and trusted, so are our technology licenses.


You can acquire the “trust” that we have cultivated over the years and spread it to others

With our license packages, you can illuminate your path to success and flourish to full bloom by initiating the chain of trust with all your stakeholders.


Sumitomo Chemical's Trust
consists of Three Elements

 Sumitomo Chemical's Trust

From our 100+yrs of experience as a chemical manufacturing company, we have cultivated the above three to be the indispensable elements as a trustworthy company in the manufacturing industry.
And as the sun is constant and always trusted to provide light and energy for valuable uses, so are we constant, unwavering and committed in our resolve to spread our “Trust” through innovative technologies.

About Sumitomo Chemical

The “Three Elements of Trust” is the fruit of who we are

At the heart of our license package, lies our credo, “Benefit self and benefit others”. Condensed in our license package is the fruit of our assiduous effort to maintain an unwavering position as a trustworthy chemical company.

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Photo courtesy of GC Oxirane Co., Ltd. Photo courtesy of
GC Oxirane Co., Ltd.

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