Let's create an Era of Circular Plastics

Looking for a way to reduce environmental impact?
Meguri® will lead your company to reduce its environmental impact.


A New Way of Plastic Life Cycle

What if there was a new, environmentally friendly plastic contributing to carbon recycling simply through using it?

Sumitomo Chemical’s Meguri® will enable you to achieve a reduction in environmental impact while keeping high quality. Let’s work together to reduce environmental impact!

Here you can find out about the background to Sumitomo Chemical’s Meguri®, the value provided by Meguri®, and actual projects.

Meguri® Story

The Background to Meguri®

Plastic that enriches
people’s lives

Plastics, such as the lightweight and highly workable polyolefin, are used widely in areas including packaging, automobiles, and electronic materials, and are an essential part of our daily lives of abundance.
On the other hand, society faces a range of plastic-related issues including waste problems such as disposal of plastic and plastic pollution in the oceans, and CO2 emissions resulting from using our finite supply of oil for raw materials.

This is why we launched the future-focused Meguri® brand, and begin to work to reduce the environmental impact of plastic.

Plastics used  in food packaging, automobiles, shoe sole. and Consumer goods packaging.

Meguri® Value

The Four Kinds of Value
Offered by Meguri®

A new, environmentally friendly plastic You can reduce your environmental impact by simply using Meguri®.

  • 1

    A circular economy

    General waste and refuse have generally been hard to recycle, but we can now convert them into raw materials. This will help us to achieve sustainable resource circulation, preventing garbage from entering the environment and converting it to resources for recycling.

  • 2

    CO2 reduction

    A circular economy for resources enables the incineration of waste to be avoided and CO2 emissions to be reduced. Using a range of biomass raw materials that absorb CO2 in their growth process also contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • 3

    High quality

    By leveraging the technologies and capabilities that we have cultivated in a range of fields as a general chemical manufacturer and the latest recycling technology, Sumitomo Chemical offers high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic products.

  • 4


    We will consider the use of third-party certification for our raw material and production methods as well as the use of the latest blockchain technology. We aim to build a supply chain that is highly reliable and transparent, and deliver reassuring and safe added value to our customers.

Meguri® Project

What we plan for Meguri®

Meguri® - Focusing on a range of futures
Sumitomo Chemical is working on projects together with a range of companies, research institutes, and public bodies both in Japan and overseas.
Through these cutting-edge projects, we will achieve a reduction in the environmental impact.


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