BDD for Electrochemical Applications

Diamond thin films

Boron doped diamond electrodes for Electrochemical Applications (BDD)
Environmental friendly Diamond thin films realize various functions

Boron doped diamond is known to exhibit metallic conductivity, and its properties can be used as electrodes in electrochemical fields (e.g., electrolysis of water)
BDD on niobium and silicon substrates can be used as electrodes for water treatment, decomposition and synthesis of various substances, and detection of various substances in liquids. Sciocs is also focusing on the development of BDD electrodes and sensors.


  • Electrochemical sensors
    (e.g. ozone water concentration sensors, various modification sensors)
  • Electrolytic electrodes
    (e.g. ozone water generation electrodes, CO2 reduction electrodes)


  • Sensors High sensitivity, high stability (small sensitivity variation)
  • Electrodes:High durability


BDD electrodes(Si substrate)

BDD electrodes(Si substrate, Nb substrate)

BDD electrodes(Nb mesh substrate)

BDD electrodes (silicon substrates)

SEM image

SEM image

Raman spectrum

Raman spectrum

BDD sensor(Ready-to-use)


BDD coating substrate Substrate Si, Nb, etc.
Size up to 12 inches
Boron doping concentration 1e20cm-3 〜 5e21cm-3
BDD thickness 1μm 〜 8μm
BDD coating chip Substrate Si
Size Typ. 2mm x 2mm
Metalization Ti/Au
BDD sensor 3-electrode sensor with BDD chip mounted
  • BDD: Boron Doped Diamond