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SUMIKAEXCEL PES is a transparent resin with a slightly amber color. It possesses a variety of useful properties, such as heat resistance, creep resistance, dimensional stability, flame resistance and hot water resistance. SUMIKAEXCEL PES is utilized as a molding material in many different applications, including : electronic components, such as relays and burn-in sockets ; IC trays ; printers; photocopier components; sterile medical and dental instruments ; and LCD substrate films for pagers and mobile phones.
In addition, SUMIKAEXCEL PES is also available in powder grades. Powder grades are utilized for a wide range of applications, including: impact modifier for epoxy-based composites used in aircraft ; heat resistant coatings; adhesives; flat films and hollow-fiber membranes used in the medical and other industries.

Grade Line-up of SUMIKAEXCEL PES

Grade Line-up of SUMIKAEXCEL PES

General outline of SUMIKAEXCEL PES

[Amorphous Polymer] Polyethersulfone
Tg 225 deg C

Chemical formula of SUMIKAEXCEL PES

Features Powder Grade Pellet Grade GF Reinforced Pellet Grade
  • Long-term heat resistance : 180~200 deg C
  • Creep resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Dimensional precision
  • Hot-water resistance : 160 deg C
  • Frame Retardancy : V-0, 0.43mm thickness
  • 3600P
  • 4100P
  • 4800P
  • 5200P
  • 5400P
  • 5900P
  • 5003PS
  • 5003P(CF Composite Grade)
  • 3600G
  • 4100G
  • 4800G
  • 3601GL20
  • 3601GL30
  • 4101GL20
  • 4101GL30


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