Understanding the
Sumitomo Chemical Story

To be able to respond to questions about what kind of a company Sumitomo Chemical is
and what we do, we are providing a detailed introduction to Sumitomo Chemical.


Fast Facts

The company’s history dates back over 100 years.

Sumitomo Chemical started business in 1913 as a producer of fertilizers from sulfur dioxide gas emitted by copper smelters, with the goal to both resolve an environmental problem and increase agricultural production.

There are 33,586 employees.

Each employee of Sumitomo Chemical will work to explore new possibilities every day, and overcome the challenges lying ahead with enthusiasm and a strong sense of mission.

as of March 31st, 2020

In Japan, we have a network of 11 R&D sites and production facilities.

By bringing together a variety of approaches, values, and technologies to generate new value, not limited to the field of chemistry, we will continue to boldly take on challenges ranging from ensuring that people have adequate food, clothing, and shelter, to resolving the global-scale problems of the environment, resources and energy, and food supply.

as of April 1st, 2020

Outside of Japan, we have a global network of 82 locations.

We seek to create new value through the global delivery of solutions that resolve societal issues and contribute to an improvement in the quality of life.

as of April 1st, 2020


Corporate Philosophy

Sumitomo Chemical formulated fundamental business principles, missions, and values as its Business Philosophy based on Sumitomo's Business Principles.

1. We commit ourselves to creating new value by building on innovation. The first states the Company's fundamental ethos. This fundamental ethos encompasses not only the achievement of concrete goals such as economic profit, but also the more abstract vision of the ideal company we aim to be.

2. We work to contribute to society through our business activities. The second states our mission; the Company's raison d'etre. This expresses our role in society, which is to provide society with useful things as a member of society. This gives meaning to our existence as a company.

3. We develop a vibrant corporate culture and continue to be a company that society can trust. The third states our values. This expresses our way of thinking in setting out to realize our mission and raison d'etre, and the drive and attitude with wich we approach them.



Sumitomo Chemical started business in 1913 as a producer of fertilizers from sulfur dioxide gas emitted by copper smelters.
This business, which solved the environmental problem of air pollution while meeting the social demand for more agricultural production, embodied the business philosophy of the Sumitomo family handed down from the 17th century.


Building a Foundation as a Chemical Manufacturer

In 1913, Sumitomo Chemical got its start by producing fertilizer from harmful gas emitted in copper smelting operations.
That business helped mitigate the environmental problem caused by emissions, while also contributing to boosting agricultural productivity.


The Sumitomo Fertilizer Manufactory began operations


Enters fine chemicals business
Acquires Japan Dyestuff Manufacturing Company engaged in dyes, pharmaceuticals, and other fine chemicals business


Growing into a Diversified Chemical Manufacturer

Sumitomo Chemical started new businesses one after another, successfully growing into a diversified chemical manufacturer.


Enters agricultural chemicals business


Enters petrochemical business


Expanding All Businesses Globally

In order to respond to the changing structure of society and the global economy,
Sumitomo Chemical actively pushed forward with the globalization of all its businesses.


Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore began operations


Established Valent U.S.A. as a development and sales location for agricultural chemicals in the U.S.


Established Dongwoo Pure Chemicals
(present Dongwoo Fine-Chem) in South Korea


Established Sumitomo Chemical Belgium
(present Sumitomo Chemical Europe) in Belgium


Deepening Global Business

Sumitomo Chemical is doing business around the world,
based on the idea of globally integrated management that develops competitive businesses by combining optimal technology,
locations, partners, and personnel.


Petro Rabigh began operations in Saudi Arabia


Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma acquired the pharmaceutical company Sepracor (present Sunovion Pharmaceuticals) in the U.S.


Financial Results

Sales Revenue

2,225.8 Billion Yen

Despite increased shipments, sales revenue dropped by 92.8 billion yen from the previous year, impacted by falling market prices and foreign currency fluctuations to a stronger yen.

Overseas Sales Revenue Ratio


Overseas sales revenue ratio is 65.6%.

Core Operating Income

132.7Billion Yen

Market prices of feed additives declined, and the shipment of crop protection products decreased due to the extreme weather in the North America. The up-front expenses arising from the strategic alliance with Roivant increased despite the sales growth of pharmaceutical products. Moreover, market prices of petrochemical products dropped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the core operating income fell by 71.6 billion yen from the previous year.


Five Business Sectors

Sumitomo chemical consists of five business sectors.
Each sector continues to provide solutions that contribute to solving issues in society and improving the Quality of life, there by creating new value.

Main Products

We will introduce Sumitomo Chemical Group products
spanning a range of fields, categorized by use.

Virtual Plant Tour

This page explains the production processes used at
Sumitomo Chemical's Ehime Works, Ohe Works, Chiba Works and Oita Works.