About Sumitomo Chemical

When was the Company established?

In 1913, when the House of Sumitomo established a fertilizer company in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, marking the beginning of Sumitomo Chemical's business.

What are Sumitomo Chemical's business policies and future plans?

Please visit the Corporate Business Plan page.

How can I access the websites of Sumitomo Chemical's consolidated subsidiaries?

Please visit Group Companies (by Business Sector) page.

What is Sumitomo Chemical's accounting period?

From April 1 to March 31. Consolidated financial results are reported quarterly. Please consult the IR Calendar for the dates of future releases of financial results.

Is it possible to see materials of the financial results meetings on the internet?

Please see the IR Event page. Video of Investors' meeting and audio recording of conference call for the most recently announced financial result are available on our website. Past financial results are available as pdf files.

Is it possible to see materials about past financial results?

Please see the Financial Results page.

How can I obtain Sumitomo Chemical's annual report?

You can see our annual report in this website and you can download it (PDF). 

Inquires on performances and stocks

What is Sumitomo Chemical's stock code?

The stock code is 4005.

Which stock exchanges is Sumitomo Chemical listed on?

We are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

What is the minimum trading unit of stocks sold?

The minimum trading unit is 100 shares.

What is the record date for dividend payments?

The record dates for dividend payments are March 31 and September 30 (the latter is for the interim dividend), and irregular dividend payments will be announced in advance. Shares must be purchased at least two business days in advance to be eligible to receive a dividend.

When is your General Meeting of Shareholders?

Our General Meeting of Shareholders is regularly held in the latter weeks of June. Please see the IR Event page for details.

What is the current price of Sumitomo Chemical's stock?

Please see the Stock Quotes page.