Health & Crop Sciences Sector

The Health & Crop Sciences Sector is engaged in the manufacture and sale of crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, feed additives, household insecticides, products for control of infectious diseases, and active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. By providing these products, we aim to contribute to a stable supply of crops, help increase food production in response to an increase in the world population, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and achieve hygienic and healthy lives.

Main Products

Crop Protection Chemicals

  • Various crop protection chemicals, including insecticides and herbicides

We offer various crop protection products such as insecticides effective on a range of insects causing damage to crops, herbicides for a variety of crops, fungicides to help controlling diseases, and plant growth regulators which improve yields and quality of crops. In addition, within Japan, together with Sumitomo Chemical Group companies, we are developing Total Solution Provider (TSP) business; we provide comprehensive support for farmers with our wide variety of agriculture-related products and services, including crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, and agricultural materials. Moreover, we are working to support rice farmers with total business support, by providing seeds, crop protection chemicals and fertilizers, cultivation management assist, and trading rice crops.

Products for Insecticides

  • Products used for insecticides

We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of various products used for insecticides for indoor and outdoor use (such as mosquito coils, mosquito repellents and aerosols), insect repellents for clothes, termiticides, as well as ectoparasiticides for use in the animal health field. These products include technical grade, and formulated products mainly containing pyrethroids as the active ingredient.

Products for Control of Infectious Diseases

  • OlysetTM Plus

We manufacture and sell our OlysetTM Net, a mosquito net that helps protect people from the mosquitoes that carry malaria, and other infectious disease control products such as insecticides that kill mosquito larvae.

Feed Additives

  • DL-methionine and methionine hydroxy analog used as feed additives

We manufacture and sell methionine, which is mainly used in chicken farming. Methionine is a type of essential amino acid that promotes the growth of animals fed with it.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients

We engage in the manufacture and sale of APIs and intermediates outsourced from pharmaceutical companies, as well as pharmaceutical chemical products developed in-house, such as generic APIs, based on our advanced organic synthesis technologies and quality assurance capabilities. Nucleic acid medicines are next-generation pharmaceuticals, utilizing functions of oligonucleotides which act on genes and proteins that cause disease. We undertakes contract manufacturing for oligonucleotide APIs for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Oita Works

Oita Works

Main Products
Agricultural insecticide (SUMITHIONTM, Clothianidin, SUMICIDINTM, CYANOXTM, and AGROTHRINTM), Agricultural herbicide (SUMISOYATM, Imazosulfuron, Sulfosulfuron, and CREMARTTM), Agricultural fungicides (DELAUSTM and RIZOLEXTM), Polymer additive (SUMILIZERTM GP), Resorcinol, and Intermediate

In 1939, a factory was established as the intermediates production base for dyes and pharmaceuticals by Japan Dyestuffs Manufacturing Co., which was founded in 1916 for the domestic production of synthetic dyes and eventually became the largest dyestuffs manufacturing company in Japan. Following the merger of this company with Sumitomo Chemical, the factory became Sumitomo Chemical's Oita Works in 1944. Subsequently the Works began the production of agricultural chemicals and in 1962 started manufacturing a pesticide known as SumithionTM, which has become popular not only in Japan but also in overseas markets. Using its advanced organic synthesis technologies, the Works is now engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of agricultural chemicals, resorcinol used in adhesives for tires and other applications, and a polymer additive called SumilizerTM GP. In 2014, the Utajima Pilot Production Department, the Okayama Plant, and the Gifu Plant were added as production sites to enhance the manufacturing organization for pharmaceutical chemicals. The Oita Works is also home to the pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant of Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd., and plays a core role in the globalization of the Sumitomo Chemical Group's life science chemicals business.

  • Utajima Pilot Production Department

Utajima Pilot Production Department

Utajima Pilot Production Department works to scale up the development of new pharmaceutical chemicals contracted out by both domestic and overseas companies to commercial-scale production. The department is committed to contributing to the actual production of these chemicals through laboratory experiments, and collects chemical and industrial data required for the safe and stable production of pharmaceutical chemicals at the manufacturers' plants.

  • Okayama Plant

Okayama Plant

The Okayama plant manufactures mainly pharmaceutical chemicals while also producing a variety of specialty fine chemicals. It can flexibly handle everything from batch production for the development phase to a large-scale production, and has the capabilities to scale production in response to the diversified needs of customers.

  • Gifu Plant

Gifu Plant

The Gifu plant manufactures a variety of specialty fine chemicals while producing mainly pharmaceutical chemicals. Responding to the growing demand for more advanced quality control, the plant has been increasing the proportion of high value-added products it manufactures using its proprietary production and new synthesis methods.

  • Misawa Works

Misawa Works

Main Products

In 1949, Sumitomo Chemical established a technology to industrially synthesize pyrethroid, a compound related to the insecticidal component contained in pyrethrums, and constructed a plant to manufacture PYNAMINTM on the premises of its former factory in Torishima, Osaka. Subsequently, in response to an increase in demand for the product, the company launched a new plant in 1978 in Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture. Since then, the Misawa Works has been playing an important role as the company's supply base from which a range of pyrethroid insecticides for household use, public hygiene, and agricultural use are exported to countries around the world.

  • Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory

Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory

The laboratory is engaged in the development of new agricultural chemicals, functional fertilizers, new rice varieties, cultivation technologies, more effective and safer household insecticides, and technologies for preventing infectious diseases, as well as efficient synthetic methods for pharmaceutical chemicals.

Crop Protection Chemicals

Valent U.S.A LLC

Development, promotion and sales of crop protection chemicals in North America.

Sumika Agrotech Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of agricultural and horticultural materials and seeding, distribution of crops, and support for farmers.

Valent BioSciences LLC

R&D, manufacturing and sales of biorational products.

Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe S.A.S.

Development and sales of plant protection and enhancement products.

Products for Non-Crop Land

Sumitomo Chemical Garden Products Inc.

Manufacturing and sales of horticultual materials.

Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of horticultural and green spaces management materials.

Household and Public Hygiene Products

SC Environmental Science Co., Ltd.

R&D, manufacturing and sales of products for environmental hygiene, such as insecticides, insect repellents, and fungicides.

Products for the Control of Infectious Diseases

Vector Health International Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of OlysetTM Net.


Sumitomo Chemical Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Sales and development of crop protection chemicals, feed additives, and environmental health products.

Sumitomo Chemical India Limited

Development, manufacturing and sales of crop protection products, household insecticides and feed additives.

Sumitomo Chemical Brasil Indústria Química S.A.

Development, promotion and sales of crop protection chemicals, feed additives and household & public hygiene insecticides in Brazil.