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Organization of Parent Company

As of April 1, 2018

The following are under the guidance of our Board of Directors, Executive Chairman, President and Executive Officers: the General Affairs Dept., Legal Dept., CSR Dept., Internal Control and Audit Dept., Human Resources Dept., Osaka Office Administration Dept., Corporate Communications Dept., Corporate Business Development Dept., Corporate Planning Dept., Research Planning and Coordination Dept., IT Innovation Dept., Process & Production Technology & Safety Planning Dept., Production & Safety Fundamental Technology Center, Intellectual Property Dept., Responsible Care Dept., Accounting Dept., Finance Dept., Procurement Dept., Logistics Dept., Industrial Technology & Research Laboratory, Environmental Health Science Laboratory, Advanced Materials Development Laboratory, Bioscience Research Laboratory, Rabigh Project Office, Petrochemicals & Plastics Sector (Planning & Coordination Office, Basic Materials Division, Industrial Chemicals Division, Polyolefins Division, Automotive Materials Division, Methacrylates Division, Ehime Works, Chiba Works, Petrochemicals Research Laboratory), Energy & Funcutional Materials Sector (Planning & Coordination Office, Quality Assurance Office, Inorganic Materials Division, Specialty Chemicals Division, Advanced Polymers Division, Battery Materials Division, Energy & Funcutional Materials Research Laboratory), PLED Business Planning Office, Electronic Devices Development Center, IT-related Chemicals Sector (Planning & Coordination Office, Quality Assurance Office, IT-related Chemical Sector, Optical Materials Division, Electronic Materials Division, Osaka Works, Ohe Works, IT-related Chemicals Research Laboratory), Health & Crop Sciences Sector (Planning & Coordination Office, Quality Assurance Office, Agrosolutions Division – Japan, Agrosolutions Division – International, Environmental Health Division, Animal Nutrition Division, Pharmaceutical Chemicals Division, Oita Works(Utajima Pilot Production Dept., Okayama Plant, Gifu Plant), Misawa Works, Health & Crop Sciences Research Laboratory), Nagoya Branch Office, Fukuoka Branch Office. In addition, auditing functions are performed by the Board of Corporate Auditors, Corporate Auditors, and the Corporate Auditors’ Office.