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Continually Creating Both Economic Value and Social Value

  • Keiichi Iwata Representative Director & President

Sumitomo Chemical was established in 1913 with the goal of manufacturing fertilizer from sulfur dioxide gas, in order to resolve the problem of pollution from gas emissions generated when smelting copper at the Besshi copper mine in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

Since then, for over 100 years, even as the company’s business has changed with the times, the company has continually passed down a way of thinking that is part of the Sumitomo business spirit, “harmony between the individual, the nation and society,” or, in other words, “that which benefits Sumitomo itself must also benefit the nation and society.”

In recent years, the movement toward creating a sustainable society has accelerated around the world, and the role the chemical industry ought to play in that creation has become even greater. In these circumstances, Sumitomo Chemical has defined the promotion of sustainability as contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through business while also delivering sustainable growth for itself. In order to make this way of thinking into a reality, in advance of the start of a new Corporate Business Plan in April 2019, the company identified seven important material issues that management will work on, including contributing to reducing environmental impact, contributing to solving food issues, contributing to solving healthcare issues, and contributing to ICT innovation, in order to continue to create both economic value and social value.

As these initiatives will be based on principles such as the establishment and continuation of safe and stable operations and thoroughgoing compliance, Sumitomo Chemical aims not only to continue its steady day-to-day activities, but to raise them to a higher level.

The Sumitomo Chemical Group aims to create continued growth and a sustainable society through the creation of new value with the power of chemistry.

Keiichi Iwata

Representative Director & President