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About a century ago,  Sumitomo Chemical got its start from efforts to help farmers improve their harvests by producing fertilizers using sulfur extracted from copper ore, aiming to solve the environmental problem of pollution caused by the gas emissions from copper production at the Besshi Copper Mine in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture. Since its founding, Sumitomo Chemical has manifested the spirit of Jiri-rita Koshi-ichinyo—our business must benefit Sumitomo at the same time it benefits the greater good. That spirit has guided how we aim to support more plentiful lifestyles for people through our business activities.

In recent years, awareness of sustainability has gained momentum. In particular, as climate change has become an increasingly urgent challenge, nations around the world have quickly advanced efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. In December 2021, Sumitomo Chemical released its Grand Design, which outlines our direction and targets for becoming carbon neutral by 2050. These initiatives will be pursued the Sumitomo Chemical way, leveraging our proven technological prowess as a diversified chemicals company and spanning both Obligations to approach zero greenhouse gas emissions across the corporate group and Contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in society through the adoption of our products and technologies.

At the same time, we are still committed to maintaining safe and stable operations, ensuring full and strict compliance, solidly advancing diversity, and respecting human rights, for which a value chain-wide response is strongly demanded. We consider these efforts indispensable for remaining a going concern and strive to bolster our actions across the Group.

Moving forward, we need to raise environmental awareness broadly by addressing climate change and doing more to protect the ecosystem at the same time we strive to improve society and forge healthier lifestyles in environmentally friendly ways. Sumitomo Chemical will contribute to resolving society's challenges through our business in priority areas—the environment, food, healthcare and ICT (Information Communications Technology)—by tirelessly reforming and bolstering our business from the perspective of a Green Transformation.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.


Keiichi Iwata

Representative Director & President