IT-related Chemicals Sector

Optically functional films, touch screen sensor panels, color resists and polymer OLED materials that are used to make LC and OLED displays; photoresists, high-purity chemicals and aluminum sputtering targets required in the semiconductor manufacturing process; compound semiconductor materials used in antenna switches and other components of communication terminal equipment.
We produce high-function, high-value added products meeting customer needs in a timely manner. We promote energetically development of next-generation technologies and materials, capitalizing on the profound knowledge and expertise we have accumulated in chemistry.

Main Products

Polarizing Films

  • Polarizing films "SUMIKARANTM"

Polarizing films are essential for LC and OLED displays. They help enhance the brightness, contrast, viewing angle and other performances of the display.

Touch screen sensor panels

  • Touch screen sensor panels

Touch sensor displays are very popular in mobile equipment. A touch screen sensor panel plays a key role in the display by detecting the finger touch as electric signals. It is an sophisticated sensor device for which high position accuracy and high sensitivity are required.

Color Resists

  • Color Resists "DyBrightTM"

The color characteristics of LC and OLED displays depend on the color filter. Our color resists that have been developed based on our proprietary dye technology ensure high brightness and wide color gamut of color filters.


  • Photoresist "SUMIRESISTTM"

Photoresists are photosensitive resins used in the production of high-density, highly integrated circuit patterns on semiconductors and printed boards. Our photoresists respond not only to the needs of latest front-end process but also to the recent sophistication of the back-end process of semiconductor production.

Aluminum Sputtering Targets

  • Aluminum Sputtering Targets

Sumitomo Chemical is the world's only manufacturer that produces aluminum sputtering targets from raw materials to the final products. We offer high quality aluminum targets by combining our original crystal control technology with ultra-high purification technology that we have developed over many years of aluminum refining.
Produced under strictly controlled conditions, our aluminum targets are highly evaluated for their high quality, reliability, and excellent cost performance in semiconductors, displays, and other applications.

Compound Semiconductor Materials

  • Compound Semiconductor Materials

Compound semiconductors are used for antenna switches and laser diodes of communication terminals in this age of IoT. They are increasingly used because of their advantages in speed and breakdown voltage over silicon semiconductors. We provide gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN) and other materials required in compound semiconductors.

Polymer OLED Materials

  • Polymer OLED inks

Printable polymer OLED luminescent materials enable the application of printing in three primary colors (red, green, and blue) as a method to form a luminescent layer of display. This enables a simpler device structure, which in turn enables mass production of large panels at low cost and with high productivity.

  • Osaka Works

Osaka Works

Main Products
Photoresists, Crop protection chemicals and Polymer additives

Japan Dyestuffs Manufacturing Company, the predecessor of the Osaka Works, was established in 1916 for the domestic production of synthetic dyes, eventually becoming the largest dyestuffs manufacturing company in Japan. In 1944, this company was merged with Sumitomo Chemical and became the Osaka Works. Since then, it has been continuously delivering useful technologies and new products in response to the needs of the times. The Osaka Works has developed as the core for the manufacture of fine chemical products. At present, the Osaka Works produces photoresists, agricultural chemicals and polymer additives by leveraging the technologies it has developed, while working closely with a research laboratory located on the same premises to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Ohe Works

Ohe Works

Main Products
Polarizing films (SUMIKALANTM), and Separator for Lithium-ion Secondary Batteries

In April 2009, the Ohe Works was established as a manufacturing and assembly plant in the Ohe district of our Ehime Works, where we have been producing optical functional films and our separator for lithium-ion secondary batteries. In cooperation with the adjacent IT-related Chemicals Research Laboratory, the Quality Assurance Office of the IT-related Chemicals Sector, and the Optical Materials Division, the Ohe Works has worked to build manufacturing and technological capabilities and also gather the talent and technology ideally suited for the field of manufacturing and assembly in order to strengthen the competitiveness of our existing businesses and enter new business fields to support the further development and growth of the manufacturing and assembly business of Sumitomo Chemical and the Sumitomo Chemical Group.

  • Ibaraki Works

Ibaraki Works

Main Products
Compound Semiconductor Materials

With the starting point of research into GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) crystal growth in 1971, we established works in this location in 1987 and have cultivated crystal growth technology, process technology and evaluation technologies for over 50 years. In October 2022, Sumitomo Chemical's Ibaraki Plant was established through the absorption merger, and have supported the development of the compound semiconductor materials business and the actions of the global production and development. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing best compound semiconductor materials for solving social issues.

  • IT-related Chemicals Research Laboratory

IT-related Chemicals Research Laboratory

This laboratory conducts R&D activities for optically functional films and color resists used for LC and OLED displays and photoresists used in the semiconductor manufacturing process and compound semiconductor materials. With a view to providing customers with high-function, high-value added products in response to their needs promptly, the laboratory is focused on the development of materials required for these products. Furthermore, the laboratory seeks to move ahead of time to develop next-generation technologies and materials, capitalizing on the technical and technological prowess in chemistry it has accumulated to date.

  • Dongwoo Fine-Chem Co., Ltd.

Dongwoo Fine-Chem Co., Ltd.

This South Korean company manufactures and sells polarizing films, touch screen sensor panels and color resists that are key materials for flat panel displays as well as high-purity chemicals and photoresists used in the manufacture of semiconductors and flat panel displays. The company is engaged in its own R&D, too.

  • Sumika Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Corporation

Sumika Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Corporation

Based in Shanghai, this Group company oversees the operation of all other Group companies of the IT-related Chemicals Sector in China, and sells products of our Sector and the Energy & Functional Materials Sector.

  • Sumika Technology Co., Ltd.

Sumika Technology Co., Ltd.

This Group company in Taiwan makes and sells polarizing films, and color resists used in flat panel displays and aluminum sputtering targets used for semiconductor chips' wiring.
It also handles compound semiconductors that are used in high-frequency, high-speed devices and photoresists and other semiconductor related materials used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

  • Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies LLC

Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies LLC

This Group company in the U.S. manufactures and sells MO epitaxial wafers, PES powder and resorcinol resins. In addition, it imports and distributes photoresists and other products of the Energy & Functional Materials Sector.