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Sumitomo Chemical Recognized for CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for the Third Consecutive Year

Oct. 15, 2014

For the third consecutive year, Sumitomo Chemical has been highly commended by CDP (*1), an international nongovernmental organization, for its excellent approach to the disclosure of climate change information. The Company is included in CDP’s "Japan 500 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index."

At the request of institutional investors, currently 767 holding a total of US$92 trillion in assets, CDP conducts an annual survey on climate change initiatives of major corporations worldwide by sending questionnaires to them. As far as Japan is concerned, the questionnaires have been responded to by 500 major companies based on the FTSE Japan Index. According to CDP's evaluation, Sumitomo Chemical is in the top 10% of the respondents in terms of scores registered and selected for listing in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. This evaluation shows that Sumitomo Chemical has
positively been making ensured disclosure of climate change information with high transparency and is capable of harnessing its expertise embodied in the information as it contributes to promoting initiatives toward building a low-carbon society.

Sumitomo Chemical will continue to actively enhance climate change initiatives, including information disclosure.

  1. CDP is an international nongovernmental organization that conducts a survey on corporate disclosure of climate change information and provides survey results to institutional investors, thereby working to realize a sustainable economy.


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