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Sumitomo Chemical to Launch Group-wide Plantation Solutions Business Globally

Apr. 19, 2016

Sumitomo Chemical will expand and enhance its plantation solutions business in full swing by integrating businesses of its Group companies involving agriculture-related supplies for plantations of bananas, oil palm and other crops. This Group-wide global undertaking commences with participation in an international conference on banana due to begin on April 19 in Miami, the United States where Sumitomo Chemical Group companies will present their Plantation Solutions platform.

The plantation industry has a constant need for those products that make plantation work efficient and impose reduced burden on the environment at plantations in tropical and subtropical regions where single crops are grown at large fields. The Sumitomo Chemical Group has a wide-ranging product portfolio, including plant protection chemicals, biorationals, fertilizers, and other agriculture-related solutions. Many of those products and services that are suited to plantations are already available, and Sumitomo Chemical, in close cooperation with other Group companies, has decided to offer them as a product line-up of solutions to plantations of bananas, oil palm, pineapples and sugarcane. The Company believes that these plantation solutions will importantly contribute to enhancing work efficiency and increasing crop productivity through promoting water and fertilizer management, weed, disease and insect control, and harvesting management. At the international conference in Miami, Sumitomo Chemical will introduce its Powmyl® fungicide for controlling Black Sigatoka, a serious disease in banana crops. As far as Powmyl is concerned, the Company has already launched it in the Philippines and is now working on obtaining registration in Latin America and elsewhere in the world.

The Group will continue to strengthen its Plantation Solutions business by developing a diverse range of innovative products that will best meet customer needs.

Current product lineup of the Group's Plantation Solutions

Company NameMain Products and Services
Sumitomo Chemical (Japan) Plant protection chemicals
Sumika Agrotech (Japan) Coated fertilizer, irrigation products
Valent BioSciences (the United States) Biorational plant protection and enhancement products
Pace International (the United States) Post-harvest solutions
Mycorrhizal Applications (the United States) Rhizosphere enhancement products (mycorrhizal fungal inoculum)
McLaughlin Gormley King Company (the United States) Insecticides containing natural pyrethrin

Attached is a press release issued in Chicago at 3 p.m. local time on April 18 (at 5 a.m. Japan time on April 19).


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