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Sumitomo Chemical and Monsanto newly collaborate globally in developing next-generation weed control solutions

Jun. 28, 2016

Sumitomo Chemical has reached a new global agreement for collaboration on weed control solutions with Monsanto Company, the leading U.S. seed and biotechnology company.

The new global agreement will focus on developing and delivering next-generation weed control solutions through the collaboration of the two companies. Under this agreement, Sumitomo Chemical will engage in developing PPO chemistries, including a new generation PPO herbicide.

Sumitomo Chemical's strategic partnership with Monsanto commenced in 2010 in the field of weed management in the United States, followed by the inclusion of Sumitomo Chemical’s herbicide, Flumioxazin, in 2014, into Monsanto’s weed management program in Brazil and Argentina, which has led to a significant success in managing tough-to-control weeds showing resistance to glyphosate (an active ingredient of Roundup® herbicide).

Sumitomo Chemical positions "life science", such as agrochemicals, as one of its key business domains that are likely to show high growth in the future. Through various initiatives including the undertaking of the today’s announcement, Sumitomo Chemical will further promote expanding activities globally in the agrochemicals field, contributing to ensuring the stable supply of crops as well as meeting an ever growing demand for increased food supply as the world’s population continues to rise.

  1. The transaction may be subject to required regulatory approvals in some countries, and may only become effective after such required regulatory approvals are received.
  2. The two companies issued a press release in their joint names, which is attached, in St. Louis, Missouri, where Monsanto’s headquarters is located, at 3:30 p.m. local time on June 27 (at 5:30 a.m. Japan time on June 28).


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