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Sumitomo Chemical to Boost Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery Separator Production Capacity

Sep. 7, 2016

Sumitomo Chemical has decided to expand production capacity for lithium-ion secondary battery separators, marketed under the PERVIOTM brand name, at SSLM, its subsidiary in Daegu, South Korea. The production capacity is to be raised approximately fourfold in a stepwise manner, with the initial expanded commercial-scale production coming on stream in August 2017.

Amid the significantly expanding sale of electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars, demand for lithium-ion secondary batteries has been growing rapidly in recent years, mainly for car mounting use. Thus far, the Company's production capacity for PERVIOTM has been increased through existing facilities at its Ohe Works in Niihama, Ehime, Japan and a new plant built at SSLM. Expecting further growth of the demand and to meet such market demand timely, Sumitomo Chemical has decided to expand SSLM’s production capacity.

As far as lithium-ion secondary batteries are concerned, the market calls for the batteries to offer both even higher capacity and more enhanced safety at the same time, with the ever increasing needs for electric cars and smartphones to have higher functionality, lighter weight and a prolonged time before battery re-charge. The specific advantage of PERVIOTM, which has promoted its use chiefly in batteries for cars, lies in the capability of contributing to greater safety of batteries owing to its distinct structure of aramid as a heat-resistant layer formed on a polyolefin substrate.

Sumitomo Chemical positions "Environment and Energy" as one of its core domains in its initiatives to develop next-generation businesses for the Company. In the field of battery-related components and materials, which help advance efficient use of energy, Sumitomo Chemical will continue to develop innovative technologies for separators and cathode materials as it further strengthens the business in the field.

Company Profile

Name SSLM Co., Ltd.
Location Daegu, South Korea
Capital 280 billion won (shareholding 99.6% by Sumitomo Chemical)
President Young-cheul, Kang
Business Manufacture and sale of sapphire substrates and lithium-ion secondary battery separators


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