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Sumitomo Chemical Starts "Our Sustainable Tree FY2017" Group-wide Project ---Work Together on SDGs for our future!---

Jun. 26, 2017

Starting today, Sumitomo Chemical implements a Sustainable Tree program for fiscal 2017, based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for the next 100 days, inviting the posting of views, ideas or aspirations from the management, officers, and employees of Sumitomo Chemical Group companies around the world on things they believe they could do toward building a sustainable society.

The Sustainable Tree program is Sumitomo Chemical’s participation-type initiatives where all members of Sumitomo Chemical Group are expected to think about how they could contribute to creating a sustainable society through their day-to-day work and then post their views and ideas on the Company's special website. In the first of the Sustainable Tree programs conducted last year, there were over 6,000 postings from members of Sumitomo Chemical Group companies which encompassed not only work-related efforts, but also social contribution activities and matters relevant to daily lives.

The SDGs contain a set of 17 goals which the world is expected to work on. In connection with those goals, the United Nations calls on business corporations around the world to advance in their endeavor toward building a sustainable society through business activities. The Sumitomo Spirit emphasizes, among others, "harmony between the individual, the nation and society", meaning that every Sumitomo company must seek to benefit not only its own business, but also the nation and society. This guiding principle being long inherited as our corporate DNA, Sumitomo Chemical shares the view of the United Nations as expressed in the philosophy of the SDGs and accordingly decided in fiscal 2016 to contribute more proactively, as an entire Sumitomo Chemical Group, to promoting the initiatives on the SDGs. In addition to the Sustainable Tree program, Sumitomo Chemical is engaged in another initiative, "Sumika Sustainable Solutions," whereby the Company's certain products and technologies are identified as prospective solutions to help prevent global warming or reduce environment impacts and are geared for accelerated development and widespread use ("Sumika" is a shortened form of the name "Sumitomo Chemical" in Japanese).

Toward building a sustainable society, Sumitomo Chemical Group companies will boldly take on the challenges of creating new values further by capitalizing on the integrated strengths of chemistry and with each member of the Group companies making the best of their creativity.

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