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  • SumiLarv® 2MR Receives WHO Recommendation The world's first resin-based long-lasting larvicide for water container breeding mosquitoes

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SumiLarv® 2MR Receives WHO Recommendation The world's first resin-based long-lasting larvicide for water container breeding mosquitoes

Aug. 2, 2017

Sumitomo Chemical has announced that its long-lasting larvicide formulation, SumiLarv® 2MR, has received a World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation. The larvicide, which is incorporated into a small plastic disc, is an effective intervention in the fight against Dengue fever, Zika fever and other vector-borne diseases emanating from container bred mosquitoes.

SumiLarv® 2MR, developed by Sumitomo Chemical, which contains as its active ingredient Sumilarv®, a mosquito adult emergence inhibitor, is a new formulation based on a novel product design whereby controlled-release technology*1 is adopted. SumiLarv® 2MR prevents mosquito breeding for longer periods than conventional products, contributing to cost reduction in larvicide operation.

Another notable advantage is the active ingredient used itself; SumiLarv®, because it offers a different mode of action than many of other mosquito larvicides, currently used for container breeding mosquito control. This makes Sumilarv® 2MR not only a very effective tool in its own right, but makes it a prime candidate in good resistance management programs.

  • SumiLarv 2MR

    SumiLarv® 2MR

  • Example use of SumiLarv 2MR

    Example use of SumiLarv® 2MR

The WHO recommends larvicidal treatment of breeding sources for mosquitoes, such as water containers, as a very effective means in implementing strategies for controlling mosquito vectors in areas where Dengue fever, Zika fever and other mosquito-borne infectious diseases are prevalent. Now that WHO recommendation has been achieved, Sumitomo Chemical will increase efforts to commercialize and promote SumiLarv® 2MR in many countries around the world, starting with a launch in Brazil in 2018 or later.

Sumitomo Chemical has constantly engaged in technical development and business deployment of various vector control tools, including long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets for malaria control, Olyset® Net*2 and Olyset® Plus*2, indoor residual spray SumiShieldTM 50WG (on which an application has been submitted for a WHO recommendation), and Gokilaht® S 5EC*2, an insecticidal space spray for use against Dengue fever and Zika fever-transmitting mosquitoes. The addition of SumiLarv® 2 MR to this line of products will allow Sumitomo Chemical to step up efforts further towards promoting more effective prevention of vector-borne diseases.

  1. Technology that controls the release of an agent so that the effect of the agent will be sustained over an extended period of time. For example, in Sumitomo Chemical's long-lasting mosquito net for malaria control, Olyset® Net, a pyrethroid insecticide is incorporated into the polyethylene fibers of the net and slowly released to the surface of the net to maintain its mosquito killing effect for five years or more.
  2. WHO recommendation received already.


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