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Sumitomo Chemical to Build a New Plant of High-Purity Chemicals for Semiconductors in China

Nov. 27, 2017

Sumitomo Chemical has begun construction of a plant at Sumika Electronic Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., a recently-incorporated company in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province,to produce high-purity chemicals for semiconductors. The new facility, the Company's second high-purity chemicals facility in China after its first plant in Xi’an, is scheduled to start commercial production in March 2019.

Following a processing facility and sales office for optical functional films established in Shanghai in 2001, Sumitomo Chemical has reinforced its business base for IT-related chemicals in China over the years in order to provide fine-tuned response to customers’specific needs. The business base is currently at eight locations throughout the countryincluding Beijing and Wuxi. At these locations, Sumitomo Chemical manufactures and sells polarizing films for LCD panels or high-purity chemicals for semiconductors.

High-purity chemicals for semiconductors are mainly used for precision cleaning in semiconductor micromachining. Against the backdrop of an increasing demand for electronic devices and the ongoing expansion of the semiconductor industry in China, semiconductor manufacturers have announced plans for production capacity expansion in the country as demand for high-purity chemicals for semiconductors is expected to grow sharply in the years to come. Under the circumstances, Sumitomo Chemical has decided to establish another plant in China to produce high-purity chemicals for semiconductors.

In its current Three-Year Corporate Business Plan, Sumitomo Chemical has positioned ICT as one of the core domains for creating next-generation businesses. While continuing to capture a strong demand for semiconductors and related products and building on the superior business competitiveness it has fostered in the past years, Sumitomo Chemical will further strengthen business in the field.

Overview of the New Company

Name Sumika Electronic Materials (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
Established August 2017
Location Changzhou National Hi-Tech District, Jiangsu Province, China
Capital USD 50 million
Chairman Hajime Ikezoe
Business Manufacture and sales of hydrogen peroxide water, sulfuric acid,isopropyl alcohol, etc.


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