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Sumitomo Chemical Enhances Agricultural Solutions for Banana Plantations in Latin America and Southeast Asia

Apr. 25, 2018

Sumitomo Chemical is newly launching two of its products for banana plantations with Powmyl® 25 SC fungicide in five Latin American countries such as Ecuador and RyzUp® 40 SG plant growth regulator in the Philippines.

Powmyl® 25 SC shows excellent control efficacy against Black Sigatoka, a significant disease on banana crops which reduces crop yield by up to 50%. The fungicide's active ingredient, diethofencarb, is expected to act as an effective means in managing risks associated with the development of fungicide resistance because it has a unique mode of action different from those of other fungicides used against the disease currently or in the past.

RyzUp® 40 SG, which is a gibberellic acid (GA3) plant growth regulator, is highly effective in improving the post-harvest green life of bananas, extending its duration by more than one week. In Latin America where RyzUp® 40 SG is already on the market, the product is widely used to maintain freshness of bananas, including particularly when exporting to distant destinations in Europe, the U.S., Japan or elsewhere.

In addition, these two products have already met the standards for pesticide residue limits for major banana importing countries.

The Sumitomo Chemical Group is actively deploying a wide range of agriculture-related businesses, including fertilizers, pesticides, and many other products for agriculture. In recent years, the Group's efforts have focused on strengthening its product and service line-up capable of offering solutions for plantations growers of such crops as bananas and palm oil. The Sumitomo Chemical Group will continue to develop a diverse range of innovative products, thereby contributing to improving the world’s agricultural productivity and increasing food production.

  • This is a standard set by the administrative authorities of each country so that agrichemical residues in food do not harm human health. The standard criteria varies depending on the country.


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