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Sumitomo Chemical Newly Identifies 10 Products as "Sumika Sustainable Solutions" that Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Jul. 24, 2018

Sumitomo Chemical has newly identified 10 of its Group's products as "Sumika Sustainable Solutions," which represent the Company’s products and technologies that are expected to help build a sustainable society. With the addition of the 10 products, the total number of products and technologies identified as "Sumika Sustainable Solutions" thus far is 44, totaling about 340 billion yen in terms of sales in fiscal 2017.

The products identified this time include a binder for lithium-ion secondary batteries which helps lower the environmental load through reduced consumption of organic solvents in the electrode manufacture, and a temperature-sensitive film "CHO-CO,"* a plastic film for greenhouse farming that automatically varies in transparency with changes in temperature. These two and eight other products, all of which are available from member companies of the Sumitomo Chemical Group, will contribute to creating a low carbon society and promoting sustainable agriculture. 

Sumitomo Chemical is reinforcing lines of businesses that will provide solutions to society with new functionalities and materials, guided by the Company’s business philosophy "We work to contribute to society through our business activities." The "Sumika Sustainable Solutions" initiatives were started in November 2016 by identifying products and technologies which help combat climate change, reduce the environmental impact, etc. and accelerating their swift development and widespread use. The Company is working actively to achieve the initial objective of doubling sales deriving from such identified products and technologies by the end of fiscal 2020.

Sumitomo Chemical will continue to create and offer a broad range of solutions that will contribute to a sustainable society by capitalizing on the great variety of technologies the Company has cultivated in the past as a chemical company operating in widely diverse industrial fields.

Reference: Major New "Sumika Sustainable Solutions"

(Group company name)
to SDGs
Binder for lithium-ion secondary batteries
(Nippon A&L Inc.)Binder for lithium -ion secondary batteries
Reduced consumption of organic solvents in the manufacture of electrodes for lithium-ion secondary batteries by the use of water as the dispersion medium. 7 affordable and clean energy12 responsible consumption and production
Temperature-sensitive film "CHO-CO"
(SanTerra Co., Ltd.)Temperaturesensitive film "CHO-CO"
A temperature-sensitive plastic film for greenhouse farming that stays transparent and allows sunlight to enter at low temperatures whereas it becomes turbid and causes sunlight to scatter at high temperatures. 2 zero hunger12 responsible consumption and production13 climate action
  • "CHO-CO" is a product of SanTerra Co., Ltd., a Sumitomo Chemical Group Company.

"Sumitomo Chemical Report 2018," due to be published in September, also contains a section on "Sumika Sustainable Solutions."https://www.sumitomo-chem.co.jp/english/ir/library/annual_report/


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