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Sumitomo Chemical Acquires CDP's Highest Rating in Corporate Climate Action Survey

Jan. 22, 2019

Sumitomo Chemical ("the Company") has been named by CDP's highest-rated "Climate A List 2018" as a company demonstrating excellent performance in responding to the issue of climate change.

Established in 2002, CDP is an international non–governmental organization that promotes initiatives by companies and governments toward reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, management of water resources, and conservation of forests. Representing more than 650 investors with assets in excess of 87 trillion US dollars, CDP collects and evaluates information about world-leading companies' activities related to climate change, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In CDP's survey of 2018, the Climate A List has named 126 global companies and 20 Japanese companies selected from among about 7,000 companies that disclosed information on their climate change–related activities.

Sumitomo Chemical sees global climate change as one of the highest–priority challenges facing society. Toward solving the problem, the Company has been working proactively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by mobilizing a variety of technological expertise it has developed as a diversified chemical company. Sumitomo Chemical believes that its A List selection by CDP duly recognizes the Company's recent initiatives, including, among others, the constant development and promoted use of environmentally–friendly products through "Sumika Sustainable Solutions" *1 as an integral part of the Company's business activities and the enhanced management of business risks associated with climate changes by setting Science-Based Target*2.

Embracing the Company's business philosophy of "working to contribute to society through our business activities," Sumitomo Chemical and all companies of its Group will continue to be united as one in helping to solve climate change and other challenges facing society.

*1 An initiative in which the Company designates certain products and technologies that contribute to such issues as global warming countermeasures and reducing environmental burdens, in order to promote the development and use of such products and technologies.

*2 Greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets set by companies, based on climate science, to meet the 2ºC goal of the Paris Agreement.


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