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Sumitomo Chemical Newly Designates Four Products and Technologies as Sumika Sustainable Solutions that Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Jul. 22, 2019

Sumitomo Chemical ("the Company") has newly designated four of its Group's products and technologies as Sumika Sustainable Solutions, the Company’s four-year-old initiative that is geared to contribute toward building a sustainable society. The products and technologies designated as Sumika Sustainable Solutions thus far total 48, representing approximately 380 billion yen in terms of sales revenue in fiscal 2018.

The newly identified products and technologies include the following: a cobalt-coated nickel hydroxide positive electrode material capable of designing high-output nickel hydride batteries, which will contribute to promoting widespread use of environmentally friendly vehicles; a multi-purpose polypropylene sheet that can be used for food containers and delivery materials for electronic parts because of its distinctive advantages such as lightweight, durable, recyclable, and reusable; and a carbon dioxide separation and recovery technology, as adopted at one of Sumitomo Chemical Group companies, by which CO2 is separated and recovered from gases exhausted from the company's thermal power station and recycled for re-use.

In March of this year, Sumitomo Chemical identified Seven Material Issues that it addresses as management challenges to sustainably create both economic value and social value from its business activities. Among them is making contribution to reducing the impact of business activities on the environment. The Sumika Sustainable Solutions initiative meets the Company's such Materiality agenda in that the initiative designates the Group's products and technologies that can contribute to lessening effects of climate change or reducing the environmental impact of business activities and promotes their commercially viable development and widespread use. By the end of fiscal 2021, the final year of the Company's current Three-Year Corporate Business Plan, the Company aims to achieve sales revenues of 560 billion yen from products and technologies designated by then as Sumika Sustainable Solutions.

Sumitomo Chemical, along with its Group companies around the world, will continue to create and offer solutions that can contribute to building a sustainable society by capitalizing on a wide array of versatile technologies that it has cultivated as a chemical company operating in diverse industrial fields.

Reference: Sales Revenue from Products and Technologies Designated as Sumika Sustainable Solutions

Products and technologies newly identified as Sumika Sustainable Solutions

to SDGs

Cobalt-coated nickel Hydroxide positive Electrode material

(Tanaka Chemical Corporation)

Making the designing of high-output nickel hydride battery possible, it contributes to widespread use of environmentally friendly vehicles.  Cobalt usage can also be reduced.

Multi-purpose polypropylene sheet

(Sumika Plastech Co., Ltd.)

Being free from paper dust concern and desirable
from a viewpoint of re-use, it is used for food containers and delivery materials for electronic parts. Contributes to reducing greenhouse gas

Carbon dioxide separation and recovery technology

(Sumitomo Joint Electric Power Co., Ltd.)

Separates and recovers CO2 from gases exhausted from a thermal power station, which is then used as an auxiliary material for chemicals production at another manufacturing plant Sumitomo Chemical's Ehime Works.) Contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.*

Effluent treatment technology using a deammoniation tower

(Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited)

Removes and recovers ammonia in effluent and
recycles it for re-use. Contributes to reducing nitrogen discharge from a manufacturing plant.

* Technology for CO2 separation and recovery is a proprietary technology of Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Chemical's Annual Report 2019, a newly created report by integrating previous CSR report and annual report contains a section on Sumika Sustainable Solutions. The Japanese edition of the Report will be published on July 31 and its English edition is due to be available in August.



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