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Submission of Declaration of "Sustainable Logistics" Campaign and Encouraging Independent Activities: Promoting Initiatives to Achieve Stable and Balanced Logistics

Sep. 26, 2019

Sumitomo Chemical has announced its support for a "Sustainable Logistics" campaign, a joint initiative which has been led by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and submitted its declaration to the ministries.

The "Sustainable Logistics" campaign is a response to the growing shortage of truck drivers, with the objective of securing stable logistics operations which are necessary for people's daily needs and industrial activities, and which contribute to economic growth. This campaign also seeks to improve truck transportation productivity, increase logistics efficiency, and create a work environment where women and ageing drivers can enjoy a worker-friendly workplace.

Sumitomo Chemical has been working in cooperation with logistics companies to improve logistics efficiency in response to the shortage of truck drivers. In 2014, Sumitomo Chemical’s modal shift and container return utilization initiatives, enabled by cooperation among customers, logistics companies and shippers, were highly evaluated and awarded the "Special Award of the Excellent Green Logistics Commendation Program" from METI and MLIT jointly. In April this year, the domestic transportation business of Methionine, a feed additive, that enabled the maximum utilization of ships, was certified by MLIT as a "Comprehensive Efficiency Plan."

In collaboration with business partners, Sumitomo Chemical will steadily continue to accelerate logistics operators’ operational efficiency and improve their working environments in order to contribute to sustainable logistics.

Main contents of the voluntary activities

Activities Details
Providing shipment information by the shipper in advance In order to secure preparation time of both the logistics company and the consignee, the shipper will provide all necessary information in advance.
Extending lead time Ensuring sufficient lead time, by providing a range of arrival dates and times as sufficiently as possible.
Modal shift to sea and rail transport For long-distance transportation, we will switch from trucks to ships and rail. In doing so, we make necessary adjustments to transportation orders and costs.
Encouraging active collaboration with logistics companies which implement working practices
We will positively utilize logistics companies which implement reforms to transport safety and working practices.
Canceling / suspending services in abnormal weather which may generate operational risks In the event of abnormal weather conditions or the risk of such occurrences which may harm logistics operations, we do not force the logistics companies to transport goods. In addition, to ensure the safety of the driver, if the logistics company determines that the operation must be stopped or suspended, that decision is to be respected.


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