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  • Sumitomo Chemical Returns Tokyo Head Office to Nihonbashi After 28 Years and Opens "SYNERGYCA Creation Lounge" to Promote the Creation of New Value

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Sumitomo Chemical Returns Tokyo Head Office to Nihonbashi After 28 Years and Opens "SYNERGYCA Creation Lounge" to Promote the Creation of New Value

Nov. 9, 2021

Sumitomo Chemical will move its Tokyo Head Office from Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, to Nihonbashi, in the same ward, and commence operations on November 10, 2021. Furthermore, on December 1, the Company will open in its new headquarters building the "SYNERGYCA Creation Lounge," a space for interaction and discussion with customers to create ideas and inspirations that will lead to the creation of new value.

The new head office, which will return to Nihonbashi for the first time in 28 years, represents the concepts and layouts developed in the efforts led by young employees, who will shape Sumitomo Chemical's future, under the theme of "INNOVATION REACTOR—Exciting Workplace." On the working floor, a department-specific free address has been adopted. In addition to telephone-box-type booths for online conferences, separate working spaces are available in a variety of sizes that can be chosen to suit specific purposes, from having time alone to concentrate, to exchanging ideas with colleagues. In addition, in order to promote active and spontaneous exchanges of opinions between employees in different departments, common communication spaces have been established at two central locations on each floor. With these and many other initiatives, the Company aims to build a workplace environment where each employee will be better able to move on their own to engage with people, share information quickly with those who need it, and engage in free and open discussions beyond departmental boundaries—an environment that will help drive innovation and the creation of new value.

The "SYNERGYCA Creation Lounge," created under the theme of "Let's Talk to Make a Difference in the World: Chemistry for Innovation," provides a place where visitors from industry, government, and academia can see, touch, and experience the Sumitomo Chemical Group's technologies, while also having discussions to generate ideas and inspirations that will lead to the creation of new value. In SYNERGYCA there are three areas: the "Get Together" area, where communications with visitors take place; the "Experiencing" area, where the visitor can, in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand way, learn about the Group's history, products, technologies and research development projects through digital contents and virtual reality; and the "Interaction" area, where the visitor and the Company staff discuss matters of interest and social issues that each work on to explore potential solutions together. All contents of the program are designed both for real and virtual participation, and the program is tailored for each visitor.

The Sumitomo Chemical Group is committed to creating new value by building on innovation, as set out in its business philosophy. The Group will continue to work as one to create both economic value and social value in an integrated manner, achieving sustained growth for the Group and contributing to building a sustainable society.

New Head Office floor:

SYNERGYCA Creation Lounge:

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SYNERGYCA main project partners:


Design Supervision

KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

Facility Producer, Project Management

Space Planning, Design and Construction

Planning and Building Operation Program

Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. Space construction
Concent, Inc.

Building Visitor Experience of Creation Program

Planning, Design and Management of Digital Contents

Planning and Production of Virtual Contents

IMG SRC inc.

Planning, Design and Production of Digital Contents

Sound Production

Smiles Co., Ltd.

Copywriting (Facility Name)

Development of Visual Identity (Facility Logo, Color Scheme)

vivito Co., Ltd.

Planning and Production of Company Introduction Movie


New Head Office:

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