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Sumitomo Chemical Updated "Eco-First Commitments" with the Ministry of the Environment

Nov. 29, 2021

Sumitomo Chemical, as an "Eco-First Company" certified by the "Eco-First Program" of the Ministry of the Environment, has updated its "Eco-First Commitments” to reflect its new environmental conservation efforts and presented it as a declaration to Minister of the Environment Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi.

In the "Eco-First Program," established in 2008, companies make a pledge to the Minister of the Environment to take measures to protect the environment, such as climate action and waste management and recycling, and the Minister certifies the company as an environmentally advanced company in the industry that is engaged in "advanced, unique and industry-leading business activities" in the field of the environment. In November 2008, Sumitomo Chemical became the first diversified chemical company to be certified as an "Eco-First Company." The Company has now made the third renewal of the commitments.

In this updated "Eco-First Commitments," the Company has made a commitment to contribute to the circulation of plastic resources, and further deepened the content of commitments related to the realization of a carbon-neutral society and chemical substance management.

Summary of Updated "Eco-First Commitments"

- We will promote efforts toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

- We will work to realize the circulation of plastic resources and solve the problems of plastic waste through our business, such as the provision of technologies, products, and services that can demonstrate the strengths of chemistry.

- We will continue to manage chemical substances and risk communication appropriately and positively.

Sumitomo Chemical is committed to contributing to society through its business activities, as set out in its Business Philosophy. The Company will continue to work as one to create both economic value and social value in an integrated manner, achieving sustained growth and contributing to building a sustainable society.

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