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Sumitomo Chemical Submits Registration Applications for New Rapidicil® Herbicide
A Potential Blockbuster Product Contributing to Sustainable Agriculture

Apr. 26, 2022

Sumitomo Chemical has submitted applications for registration of its new herbicide Rapidicil® (ISO common name: epyrifenacil) to regulatory authorities in the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil.

Rapidicil® is a novel herbicide active ingredient developed by Sumitomo Chemical, which the Company has positioned as a compound that has the greatest market potential among its “A2020” development pipeline, which consists of new active ingredients scheduled to start registration applications in the first half of the 2020s. Rapidicil®, which belongs to a class of herbicides known as PPO*1 inhibitors and is used for foliar applications, has exhibited high efficacy against a wide range of broad-leaved weeds as well as grass weeds in field evaluations conducted in-house and externally. In addition, as Rapidicil® takes effect faster and at a lower dosage compared to existing herbicides, it is expected to serve as a new crop protection solution that helps reduce the burden on the environment amid global calls for sustainable agriculture. Herbicide products containing Rapidicil® will be launched in the above-listed countries in the mid-2020s, following approval from regulatory authorities. Leveraging the global footprint covered by its own operational entities, Sumitomo Chemical will strive to grow Rapidicil® as a blockbuster product.

In North America and South America, including those countries where Sumitomo Chemical has submitted registration applications this time, no-till farming*2—a practice of planting crops without tilling the soil before sowing—has become the prevailing practice in crop fields where soybeans, corn and other kinds of produce are grown. No-till farming is garnering attention as a practice with a low environmental burden because it contributes to soil conservation and also can curb carbon dioxide emissions compared to tillage farming. Rapidicil®, which is effective against a broad range of weeds, is suitable for weed control prior to sowing, making it appropriate for no-till farming, and is expected to contribute to carbon neutrality. In addition, in combination with PPO-inhibitor tolerant crops currently being developed by Bayer AG, with which Sumitomo Chemical has a global collaboration relationship, Rapidicil® can be used during post-emergence crop growth periods. By integrating both companies’ expertise, Sumitomo Chemical aims to provide agricultural producers with a next-generation weed control system*3.

Sumitomo Chemical will continue to work on the research and development of innovative crop protection products that help reduce environmental impact in order to contribute to sustainable agriculture, while also providing new solutions for agricultural producers to contribute to ensuring stable food supplies for a growing global population.

Features of Rapidicil®     

・Effective against a wider range of weeds
than existing PPO-inhibiting herbicides

・Taking effect faster
・Effective at a lower dosage than other types of herbicides

  • Application timing

*1   Protoporphyrinogen oxidase, an enzyme involved in chloroplast biosynthesis.
*2   A practice of planting crops without tilling the soil before sowing, leaving dead leaves and cut stalks of the crop on the farmland. In addition to being able to mitigate soil erosion due to wind and rain, it is said to have the effect of increasing the number of organisms and microorganisms in the soil.

*3   A new weed control system following glyphosate, dicamba, and other existing herbicides.


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