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  • Sumitomo Chemical Newly Designates Ten Products and Technologies as Sumika Sustainable SolutionsAnnual sales revenue of the Solutions reached 621 billion yen, achieving initial target

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Sumitomo Chemical Newly Designates Ten Products and Technologies as Sumika Sustainable Solutions
Annual sales revenue of the Solutions reached 621 billion yen, achieving initial target

Aug. 4, 2022

Sumitomo Chemical has newly designated 10 of its Group’s products and technologies as Sumika Sustainable Solutions in its initiative to achieve a sustainable society, which marks its seventh anniversary this year. Sumika Sustainable Solutions, now including a total of 66 products and technologies, represent annual sales revenue of approximately ¥621 billion (for fiscal 2021), exceeding the target amount of ¥560 billion set in the previous Corporate Business Plan.

The major products designated this time include: THERMOFIL HP® glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene (PP), which is used in automotive parts to replace conventionally used aluminum and reduce the weight of automobiles, contributing to lower CO2 emissions from manufacturing and driving; GaN substrates for laser light source projectors that do not use mercury and consume less power compared to conventional products; and TotalFlex®0.4 banana tree bags made of fibers containing insecticidal active ingredients, which eliminate the need for insecticide spray during banana cultivation. All these products and technologies are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as “Responsible Consumption and Production,” and are expected to contribute to the achievement of SDGs in their respective areas.

Since 2016, Sumitomo Chemical has been working on the initiative of designating the Group’s products and technologies that contribute to addressing climate change and reducing environmental impact as Sumika Sustainable Solutions, after review and assessment by multiple external experts. In order to promote the development and deployment of designated products and technologies, the Company has made sales revenue of Sumika Sustainable Solutions a key performance indicator (KPI), based on which progress has been monitored. In addition, contributions to the creation of social value, including acquiring designation under this initiative, are included in the selection criteria for the Company’s employee commendation system. In the current Corporate Business Plan (for fiscal 2022 to fiscal 2024), Sumitomo Chemical aims to achieve Sumika Sustainable Solutions sales revenue of 700 billion yen by the final year of the Plan period and 1.2 trillion yen by fiscal 2030, doubling from fiscal 2021 levels.

The Sumitomo Chemical Group will continue to work as one to create solutions that contribute to building a sustainable society by leveraging the diverse technologies that it has cultivated as a diversified chemical company.

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The products and technologies newly designated as Sumika Sustainable Solutions


to SDGs

Polypropylene material for biaxially stretched films for capacitors
(The Polyolefin Company (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)

Polypropylene for capacitors with the metal content (ash content) controlled at extremely low levels to provide adequate electrical properties; reducing GHG emissions from production by replacing conventional PET films with PP films

(Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe Ltd.)

Glass-fiber reinforced PP with excellent mechanical properties, used as a material for automotive parts, replacing aluminum; reducing GHG emissions from manufacturing and driving by reducing the weight of automobiles

Manufacturing technology for fluorene derivatives (Taoka Chemical Co., Ltd.)

Improved new manufacturing process for fluorene derivatives; contributing to reducing wastewater, water use, and GHG emissions

Simple sampling technology for hydrogen quality evaluation for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) (Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd.)

Improved sampling and analysis method for evaluation of hydrogen gas quality; enabling  gas sampling at low pressures, which leads to improved safety in transportation and GHG emissions reduction

GaN substrates for laser light source projectors (SCIOCS COMPANY LIMITED)

GaN substrates used in LED laser light sources of projectors; reducing the use of mercury by replacing mercury lamps, while lowering GHG emissions by improving energy efficiency

Polymer OLED materials

Manufacturing process for polymer OLED materials used for the coating method, an alternative to the conventional deposition method; reducing waste by improving efficiency in material use in display panel manufacturing

Phosphoric acid-free silver etchant (Dongwoo Fine-Chem Co., Ltd.)

Phosphoric acid-free etchant using biomass feedstock; responding to global phosphorus supply shortages by replacing phosphoric acid with biomass-derived raw material

Fungicide filling and maintenance system technology (Pace International, LLC)

Fungicide dilution preparation system used for post-harvest fungicide treatment; reducing water use by 50% or more, compared with conventional methods

Lightweight packaging containers for crop protection chemicals (Sumitomo Chemical Latin America)

Lightweight HDPE containers for crop protection chemicals; using less HDPE materials for reducing the weight of containers, which contributes to lowering GHG-emission intensity related to the manufacturing of HDPE materials

TotalFlex® 0.4 banana tree bags (Sumitomo Chemical Latin America)

Banana tree bags made of fibers containing insecticidal active ingredients for pest control; eliminating the need for foliar spraying of insecticides, which contributes to reducing possible contamination of surroundings and workers’ exposure to insecticides and improving the working environment



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