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Sumitomo Chemical to Produce Pioneering Ultra-Fine Alumina Products (NXA series)
Creating New Markets through Innovations in Inorganic Materials

Aug. 28, 2023

Sumitomo Chemical has achieved groundbreaking success in pioneering production technology for ultra-fine α-alumina, set to start mass production from September this year with its recently established manufacturing capabilities at its Ehime Works. Collaborating with its customers, the Company will create new markets in the ICT, energy-saving and life science fields through technological innovations in inorganic materials. In FY2025 the company seeks to achieve a 30% increase in sales revenue in its ultrahigh purity alumina business compared to FY2023.

Alumina materials made by calcining aluminum hydroxide at high temperatures, purity levels of 99.99% or more are called ultrahigh purity alumina. The new products to be mass-produced are the NXA series products, which are ultra-fine grade of α-alumina products mainly used in industrial products. They are characterized by homogeneous ultra-fine particles with a particle size of 150 nm (0.15 μm) or less. In comparison to its products with relatively large particle sizes, this is approximately one two-hundredth of the size of the Company’s products having relatively large particle sizes.

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As a leader in the field of ultra-high purity alumina Sumitomo Chemical has wide selection of product grades, with not only outstanding quality and stability, but also the ability to meet diverse customer needs. That is why its alumina products have been used in a wide range of applications, including energy-related sectors, such as in lithium-ion battery separators, as well as in the ICT sector, mainly for LED substrates and semiconductor thermal materials. With ultrafine particles and easy to sinter characteristics, the new grades are expected to be used as polishing agents for next-generation semiconductors, as well as in such cutting-edge areas as components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment requiring high strength and chemical resistance and in new fields requiring both high strength and aesthetic qualities, such as artificial joints and dental products in the life sciences field.

Sumitomo Chemical will continue to expand its business in this field by driving technological inorganic innovation and providing timely solutions to its customers.



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