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Sumitomo Chemical to Attend APEC 2024 Exposition to Exhibit its Compound
Semiconductor Products for Next-Generation Power Devices

Feb. 7, 2024

Sumitomo Chemical will participate in the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) 2024 Exposition to be held in Long Beach, California, United States, from Monday, February 26 to Wednesday, February 28, 2024. This event has been held annually in the U.S. since 1986, and brings together the latest products and technologies in the field of power electronics, which deals with technologies for controlling, converting, and supplying electric power, from all over the world.

Sumitomo Chemical will exhibit gallium nitride (GaN) substrates and high-purity GaN-on-GaN epitaxial wafers (GaN substrates with a crystalline layer of high-purity GaN formed on the surface), which are expected to be used as semiconductor materials for next-generation power devices. GaN power devices are expected to contribute to reducing the energy consumption of servers in data centers, where power consumption is increasing due to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as to improving battery power conversion efficiency and thereby extending the cruising range of electric vehicles (EVs).

1. Overview of the  Exposition
APEC 2024 Exposition
Date:  Monday, February 26 to Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Venue: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California, the United States
Website: https://apec-conf.org/exposition/   
Sumitomo Chemical’s booth number: 2126

2. Sumitomo Chemical’s Exhibitions
GaN substrates
Sumitomo Chemical is developing 6-inch GaN substrates to meet the wafer size requirements for power semiconductor processing by refining crystal growth and processing technologies for 2-inch GaN substrates, which have been mass-produced for use in laser applications. In this development project, the Company is striving to improve crystal quality to contribute to making power devices smaller and more efficient.

GaN substrates. From the left: 2-inch GaN substrates (mass-produced), 4-inch GaN substrates (mass-produced), and 6-inch GaN substrates (under development).


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