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Sumitomo Chemical to Attend Chinaplas 2024, the World's Leading Plastics and Rubber Exhibition

Apr. 9, 2024

The Sumitomo Chemical Group will attend Chinaplas 2024, one of the world’s largest plastics and rubber trade fairs, which will be held in Shanghai, China, from April 23 to April 26, 2024.

Under the slogan of “co-creating a carbon neutral future by leveraging green chemistry,” the Group will exhibit a variety of functional materials, including polyolefins using renewable ethanol as a raw material, and Sumicle® polyethylene for soft packaging materials, which makes the recycling of used plastic materials easier.

1. Overview of Chinaplus 2024
Dates: Tuesday, April 23, to Friday, April 26, 2024
Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Hongqiao, Shanghai, China
(NECC official website:
 Chinaplus 2024 official website:



2. Sumitomo Chemical’s Exhibits
Sumitomo Chemical’s booth
Hall number: 6.2
Booth number: C61

Sumicle® high-rigidity polyethylene
We will introduce Sumitomo Chemical’s new high-rigidity polyethylene. Applying Sumicle® to the base layer of plastic packages and containers makes it possible to produce single material packages and containers using polyethylene. This contributes to achieving horizontal recycling, which is the recycling of used plastics back to resin that can be used in similar applications.

Very low density Easy Processing Polyethylene (EPPE)
Sumitomo Chemical’s original polyethylene, Easy Processing Polyethylene (EPPE), has an excellent balance of strength and processability. The newly developed very low density EPPE has the same softness compared to polyolefin elastomers (POE), and contributes to reducing energy consumption during processing due to its low extrusion load.

Environmentally sustainable polyolefin
We will present our projects to produce environmentally sustainable polyolefin with quality equivalent to conventional polyolefin by using renewable ethanol and waste plastics as raw materials.

Super engineering plastics: SUMIKASUPERTM LCP and SUMIKAEXCELTM PES
Liquid crystal polymers (LCP) have excellent fluidity that enables the design of thin-wall products. In addition, LCP retain their physical properties even after repeated recycling. Due to this, , LCP can be easily and effectively recycled, reducing the amount of material used and material waste, as well as contributing to lower costs and reduced environmental impact.

Polyethersulfone (PES) is a useful material in the life and healthcare field due to its heat resistance, biocompatibility, and durability against sterilization processes.

For more information about super engineering plastics, please visit Sumitomo Chemical’s website:
High-Performance Engineering Plastics Department of SUMITOMO CHEMICAL (


 Polymer modifier IGETABOND™
Igetabond™ is an ethylene-glycidyl methacrylate copolymer. Due to its epoxy group, Igetabond™ exhibits excellent reactivity and adhesion to a wide variety of materials.

For more information about functional polymers, please visit Sumitomo Chemical’s website:
Sumitomo Chemical Functional Polymers Our products make a bridge to a brighter and more comfortable life. (


3. Group Companies Participating in the Exhibition
Sumika Electronic Materials (Shanghai) will present innovative material solutions as well as environmentally friendly and high-performance plastic technologies and their cutting-edge applications. The company is looking forward to the opportunity to work with customers and industries to open a new chapter of future material technology.
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Nippon A&L will present the modifier NAL CHARGE, which adds new value to ABS resin, as well as the cleaning agent TOUGHTRACETM for plastic injection-molding machines and extruders.

Full Power for the Color
Sumika Color delivers vivid colors that create a sustainable world.
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