The color resist is the main material of a color filter, which is one of the display members applied to flat panel displays such as liquid crystal displays and organic EL displays. A color resist is a product composed of various materials, including color materials and photosensitive resins, and it expresses the brightness and color tone of the three primary colors (RGB), which govern display image quality.
Sumitomo Chemical integrated our base technologies, namely organic synthetic technology with the color material technolo- gy cultivated in our dye business to successfully develop the world first dye-based color resist DyBright™. Our dye-based color resists realize dramatic high luminance and high color reproducibility compared to our conventional products, and customers have evaluated them highly.
Sumitomo Chemical Group has established development bases in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China to develop products and manufacture samples to meet customers' requests. By acquiring information in a timely manner by being closer to customers' development and manufacturing bases, we intend to quickly support customers in finding business solutions and developing new products.

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