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Enables high-precision molding essential for advanced electronic parts

  • Ultra-highly heat-resistant and applicable to lead-free solder

  • High flowability and low flash generation, allowing high-precision molding

  • Flame retardant free, achieving UL94 V-0 and reducing environmental load


Long-term heat resistance / Solder resistance / Chemical resistance /
Moldability: high flowability (high flow), low flashing / Flame retardancy

General outline of SUMIKASUPER LCP

[Liquid Crystalline Polymer] Wholly Aromatic Polyester
Tlc 320-400 ℃

Chemical formula of SUMIKASUPER LCP

Features Standard Grade Functional Grade
  • Long-term heat resistance : 220~260 ℃
  • Soldering resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Moldability : high flow, low flashing
  • Flame Retardancy : V-0
  • E5006L, E5008, E5008L
  • E4006L, E4008, E4009
  • E6006, E6006L, E6008
  • E6807T, E6809T, E6205L
  • E6007LHF, E6807LHF, E6808LHF
  • E6808UHF, E6808GHF, E6809U
  • E6810LHF, E6810KHF
  • SV6808THF, SV6808GHF, SV6808L
  • SR1009, SR1009L, SR1205L
  • SR2506, SR2507
  • SZ6505HF, SZ6506HF, SZ4506
  • SZ6709L


The information contained in this document has been prepared based on materials, information and data currently available and is subject to revision based on new findings.

1. Handling

The following is a list of key points that must be observed when handling SUMIKASUPER LCP. Before handling SUMIKASUPER LCP, please be sure to read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which has been prepared separately. Please note that it is the responsibility of the user to investigate the safety of any additives used in conjunction with SUMIKASUPER LCP.

(1) Safety and Health
Ensure to avoid contact with the eyes and skin, as well as the inhalation of gases that are generated when drying and melting SUMIKASUPER LCP. In addition, be careful not to directly touch the resin while it is still hot. Local ventilation equipment must be installed and proper protective gear (such as protective goggles and protective gloves) must be worn while drying or melting this product.

(2) Flammability
SUMIKASUPER LCP is a flame-resistant material (classified as UL94 V-0). However, it should be handled and stored in places well away from heat and ignition sources. If the material catches fire, toxic gases may be released. Use water, foam, or fine chemical extinguishers to extinguish any flames.

(3) Disposal
SUMIKASUPER LCP may be disposed by burial or incineration. Burial of the material should be conducted by certified industrial waste processors or by the local municipal authorities in accordance with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act. Incineration should be conducted using a furnace which complies with the laws and regulations of the Air Pollution Control Act. Toxic gases may be released when this product is incinerated.

(4) Storage
Store SUMIKASUPER LCP at room temperature away from direct sunlight, water, and humidity.

2. Applicable standards

SUMIKASUPER LCP comes in a variety of grades which comply with standards specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., such as. UL94 and UL746, and by the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act, such as. ball pressure temperature. Refer to this booklet or contact Sumitomo Chemical for further details. Contact Sumitomo Chemical for information regarding the use of this material in other special applications.

3. Security Trade Control

The products of SUMIKASUPER LCP are not on the control list of the Export Trade Control Order of Japan. However, row 16 (catch-all control) in Appended Table 1 of the same Order does apply.

4. Applications

SUMIKASUPER LCP is intended for general industrial applications. If you intend to use SUMIKASUPER LCP for any of the following applications, which require high reliability and may endanger human life or property, please contact us in advance.

(1) Medical and food applications
Instruments, parts, and components that come into direct contact with the human body, etc.

(2) Transportation equipment applications
Parts and materials that are the backbone of aircraft, automobiles, railroads, ships, etc., and parts and materials directly related to the operation of transportation equipment.

(3) Other applications equivalent to the above

5. Other

All data in this document is for reference only and is not intended to be guaranteed on product performance.
Please be aware of intellectual property rights when using this product.

Revised date: November 1, 2022

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