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Enables high-precision molding essential for advanced electronic parts

  • Ultra-highly heat-resistant and applicable to lead-free solder!

  • High fluidity and low flash generation, allowing high-precision molding

  • Flame retardant free, achieving UL94 V-0 and reducing environmental load


Long-term heat resistance / Solder resistance / Chemical resistance /
Moldability: high fluidity (high flow), low flash generation / Fire resistance

General outline of SUMIKASUPER LCP

[Liquid Crystalline Polymer] Wholly Aromatic Polyester
Tlc 320~400 deg C

Chemical formula of SUMIKASUPER LCP

Features Standard Grade Functional Grade
  • Long-term heat resistance : 220~260 deg C
  • Soldering resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Moldability : high flow, low flashing
  • Frame Retardancy : V-0, 0.3mm thickness
  • E5008, E5006L, E5008L
  • E4008, E4009
  • E6008, E6006L
  • E6007LHF, E6807LHF
  • E6808LHF, E6808UHF
  • SZ6709L(high reflectivity grades for LED)
  • SZ4709(high reflectivity grades for LED)
  • SZ6506HF(ultra-low warpage, ultra-high fluidity)
  • E5204L(Low coefficient of thermal expansion, Low specific gravity)
  • E5504S(High rigidity, Low specific gravity)
  • E6007AS(antistatic grade)
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