Grade Selection Guide of SUMIKASUPER LCP

Grade Selection Guide

The table below shows the main grade line-up for SUMIKASUPER LCP. Please first select a grade of SUMIKASUPER LCP based on a thermal resistance required for your application being considered.

  • Standard grades, E6000 and E6000HF series, have well-balanced properties, which includes enough heat resistances to withstand 'surface mount technology' (SMT) and excellent moldabilities such as high melt flow, little flash and high cycle moldoing. These characteristics allow them to be utilized in a wide variety of applications.
  • Further attentions need to be paid when using E5000 and E4000 series, as they possess high heat resistance and require high molding temperatures. Their proper applications require molding machines with high temperature specifications up tp 450 deg C, as well as frequent injection-machine maintenances. These two high heat resistant grades are recommended only for high temperature dip soldering (> 350 deg C) applications. In addition, prior to qualifying a grade from among these series, you can contact our sales representatives to select a suitable grade.
  • SZ4000, SZ6000 and SZ6000HF series have more unique characteristics and performances than standard grades. Heat resistances of them are referred to those of E4000, E6000 and E6000HF respectively.

Next, criteria of grade selections are introduced below.

  • SUMIKASUPER LCP containing milled GF (short glass fiber), such as E6008 and E6006 series, is recommended for the molding of thin-walled, compact-sized components.
  • For applications requiring greater strengths, choose a grade that incorporates chopped glass fiber (long fibers). The grades numbers contain the letter "L", such as E6006L or E6007LHF.
  • For applications requiring lower warpage and less anisotropy, choose a grade that incorporates inorganic filler and glass fiber, such as E6807LHF or E6808UHF.
  • Sumikasuper SZ series are specialty grades for ultra-fine pitch connector and LED applications.

Table 1 : Main Grade Line-up

  E5000 Series E4000 Series E6000 Series E6000HF Series S Series
Required heat resistance Characteristics Special ultra-high heat resistance
Withstands solder dip
Withstands high temperature re-flow
High rigidity at temperatures over 200 deg C
Ultra-high heat resistance
Withstands high temperature re-flow
High rigidity at temperatures over 200 deg C
High heat resistance
Withstands re-flow
General-purpose grade
High heat resistance
Withstands re-flow
High-flow grade
For connector applications
Functional Grades
Standard molding temperature (deg C) 400 380 360 350 340~380
Thin-walled / Compact-sized
Milled GF
- -
High Strength chopped GF E5002L
E6006L E6007LHF -
Low warpage
Low anisotropy GF
and inorganic filler
- - - E6807LHF
High reflectivity for LED - - - - SZ4709
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