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Sumitomo Chemical Promotes Sustainability Initiative "For a Sustainable Future -JIRI RITA-" through Group-wide Employee Participation

Dec. 10, 2019

Sumitomo Chemical recently conducted a global employee-participation project called "For a Sustainable Future -JIRI RITA-" (hereinafter the project), aimed at contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, for two months from October 4, 2019 until December 3, 2019.

The project consisted of all employees and executive officers of the Company and all its Group companies, both in Japan and abroad, learning about the seven material issues identified in March 2019 as management priorities via an online quiz. Participants were then expected to ask themselves how they could contribute to building a sustainable society and express their ideas by posting on a dedicated website that supports 103 languages. More executives and employees of group companies all over the world participated than last year, with a total of 22,796 participating in the quiz and 12,067 ideas posted during the period.

Seven Material Issues

  • Reducing environmental impact, Food issues, Healthcare, ICT innovation, Promotion of technology innovation and research and development, Initiatives for digital innovation, Promotion of diversity and inclusion

Sumitomo Chemical defines sustainability promotion as "contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society through business while also achieving sustainable growth for the company," based on one of the principles in the Sumitomo Spirit, "harmony between the individual, the nation and society."* To promote sustainability, the Company recognizes it is important for senior management to commit to promoting sustainability, for each of our businesses to make a contribution, and for all the executives and employees in the Sumitomo Chemical Group to think and act on their own. From 2015 until last year, the Company has been conducting global participation-based programs focused mainly on fostering a sense of unity in the Group and facilitating understanding of the SDGs. In this fiscal year, the program has deepened employee understanding of the relationship between social issues and each of the material issues, with the aim of leading to new actions.

All companies in the Sumitomo Chemical Group will work as one toward achieving a sustainable society, exercising their creativity to the fullest as the Company seeks to solve social issues through the creation of new value by harnessing the power of chemistry.

* This means that Sumitomo Chemical’s business must benefit itself and at the same time serve the interests of the nation and society. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining harmony between the interests of a business and those of the public.

Dedicated Website for the Project


Sumitomo Chemical Group GLOBAL PROJECT

Material Issues


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