Global Project

What Is the Global Project?

Sumitomo Chemical define our efforts of promoting sustainability as “contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society while achieving the sustainable growth of our business,” in accord with the concept of “our business must benefit own self and society as one and the same*,” which is a credo constituting the Sumitomo Spirit, thereby aiming to enhance our corporate value.

As part of that, Sumitomo Chemical has been conducting global projects with a dedicated website involving employees since FY2015 based on following idea. Important factors in promoting sustainability are, in addition to top management commitment and initiatives in each business segment, the ideas and actions of all officers and employees for resolving social issues.

* It means that our business must benefit ourselves and at the same time serve the interests of the nation and society. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining harmony between the interests of a business and those of the public.

Image of Enhancing Corporate Value

Initiatives in 2019

In 2019, the program has deepened employee understanding of the relationship between social issues and each of the material issues, with the aim of leading to new actions.

As a tool for promoting sustainability

"No One Will be Left Behind" -Accelerate initiatives across the group-

Global Project in the past 

FY2016-2018 Sustainable Tree

With the Sustainable Tree, we have steadily promoted Group-wide our sustainability policy of helping realize a sustainable
society through business.

Three-Year Sustainable Tree Initiatives