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Notice of the introduction video of Carbon Footprint of Product calculation tool CFP-TOMOTM

Aug. 24, 2022

Sumitomo Chemical has released an introduction video of CFP-TOMOTM, a system that can easily and efficiently calculate the carbon footprint of product (CFP).

We have developed our proprietary CFP calculation tool CFP-TOMOTM, and have completed CFP calculations for all of our products, approximately 20,000 items by the end of 2021.
In order to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions through improving the efficiency of CFP calculations across the industry, Sumitomo Chemical provides this system widely free of charge.

This video explains the importance of calculating CFP and the features of this calculation tool in an easy-to-understand manner, so please take a look.

CFP-TOMOTM introduction video: Full version (5 minutes), Short version (30 seconds)


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