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Sumitomo Chemical Renews its Technology Licensing Website

Apr. 11, 2023

Sumitomo Chemical has renewed its Technology Licensing website to enhance its licensing and catalyst business globally and contribute to solving challenges of the petrochemical industry, such as reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

Sumitomo Chemical has been proactively developing its global business in the petrochemical industry since the 1980s through the operation of complexes in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. The contents of the Technology Licensing website have been significantly updated in order to let many people know about the technologies, as well as the confidence clients place in Sumitomo Chemical, which we have been cultivating over many years.

This website, under the theme of “Illuminating Tomorrow with Trust,” introduces the best solutions to the clients’ challenges from three perspectives: Operational Excellence, Top Quality Product, and Sustainability.

The website also posts Success Stories of existing clients so that potential clients, who are considering newly entering the petrochemical industry or enhancing their existing business, can have a concrete image when deploying Sumitomo Chemical’s technologies.

Sumitomo Chemical aims to upgrade its business portfolio in the global context of green transformation and strengthen its licensing business with its environmental-friendly technologies. The renewal of the website is a part of such actions.

The company plans to enhance the resources provided to potential licensees, including Success Stories and new technologies, so please visit the website.

Listed Technologies on the Website

Sumitomo Chemical’s Licenses


C2 Derivatives

High pressure polyethylene process


C3 Derivatives

Gas-phase polypropylene process


Propylene oxide by cumene process


C4 Derivatives

C4 separation process


Methyl methacrylate process


Hydrogen chloride oxidation process



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