Energy & Functional Materials Sector

Sumitomo Chemical provides a wide variety of functional chemical products that contribute to reducing the environmental impact as well as to conserving energy and natural resources. Such products include alumina and aluminium used for energy-efficient products, high-performance polymer additives and rubber chemicals, as well as super engineering plastics and lithium-ion secondary battery materials used in electronic components and next-generation vehicles.

Main Products

Alumina・High Purity Alumina(HPA)

  • Products made using alumina and alumina powder

We supply specialty alumina such as low-soda alumina and alumina with a purity of over 99.99%. Low-soda alumina is used for IC packages and automobile spark plugs.
High-purity alumina is used for lithium-ion secondary battery materials and ceramic parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


  • Ultra High Purity Aluminium cut wire and rolled products

We import aluminium ingots from equity smelters in New Zealand, Australia, and Brazil, and execute a stable supply to Japanese customers. We produce Ultra High Purity Aluminium (up to 99.9999%) used in highly functional products, such as flat panel displays, wiring materials for semiconductors, and heat transfer materials for cryogenic application.


  • Resorcinol

This material is used in the manufacture of tires, wood adhesives, flame retardants, and ultraviolet ray absorbants.

Synthetic Rubber

  • A tire made using synthetic rubber

Synthetic rubbers exhibit a variety of outstanding characteristics, including elasticity, oil and weather resistance and anti-wear properties. In addition to automotive parts such as tires, window and door seals, hoses, and gaskets and bushings. Synthetic rubbers also find uses in construction materials, shoes and other applications.

Super Engineering Plastics

  • Super Engineering Plastics

Super engineering plastics are high-performance resins that have excellent heat resistance, strength, chemical resistance, and processability. As materials that meet the needs for lighter and finer articles, super engineering plastics include liquid crystalline polymer, which is used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products and is expanding into applications in the industry and automobile areas, and polyethersulfone, which, in addition to electrical and electronics applications, is also being used as a carbon fiber composite in aircraft, as a high-performance separation membrane material, and as a heat-resistant coating.

Lithium-ion secondary battery materials

  • Separator "PERVIOTM"

A lithium-ion secondary battery comprises a cathode, an anode, and a separator that electrically insulates these two sheets from one another to prevent a short circuit. Sumitomo Chemical is expanding its business in separators and cathode materials.

  • Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory

Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory

In order to expand its business relating to energy and the environment, Energy & Functional Materials Research Laboratory is conducting research and development in a broad range of fields, including inorganic materials, polymer materials, and organic synthesis, to create new products and enhance the competitiveness of existing products, such as battery materials, high-performance polymers, super engineering plastics, and high-performance rubber and new additives for fuel-efficient tires.
In addition, in accordance with the globalization of this business, its research and development is also being conducted in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical’s overseas group companies.

Taoka Chemical Co., Ltd.

Based on the organic synthesis technologies accumulated in the synthetic dye business, this company manufactures a wide range of products in the area of fine chemicals, including paper-finishing resins, highly functional adhesives, rubber additives, and intermediates for pharmaceuticals and crop protection chemicals.

Koei Chemical Co., Ltd.

Engaged in contract manufacturing for pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and organic metal complex-related compounds by using manufacturing technologies of Pyridines and Amines. Also manufacturing and sale of a wide range of functional materials such as ionic liquids and urethane curing systems.