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IT-related Chemicals Sector

The IT-related Chemicals Sector supplies a wide range of products that support ICT-related industries, including optical films for liquid crystal displays (LCDs), color resists, photoresists and high-purity chemicals used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, compound semiconductors used for devices such as antennas switches and amplifiers of cell phones and smartphones, and aluminum sputtering targets used for semiconductor chips' wiring.

Polarizing Films

Polarizing films

Polarizing films are essential for LCD displays for smartphones, tablet terminals and LCD televisions.

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Color Resists

Color Resists

There is a growing demand for higher brightness, higher contrast and better color reproduction for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Color resists are indispensable for the production of color filters, which determine the color properties of LCDs.

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Photoresist "SUMIRESIST"

Photoresists are photosensitive resins used in the creation of high-density, highly integrated circuit patterns on semiconductors and printed boards.

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Compound Semiconductors

Compared with silicon semiconductors, compound semiconductors, such as gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN), have excellent properties, such as higher speed and higher breakdown voltage. Compound semiconductors are used for such products as antennas switches and amplifiers of cell phones and smartphones.

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