• R&D History and Organization

R&D History and Organization

Sumitomo Chemical Polymer OLED

Sumitomo Chemical began developing polymer OLED (PLED) in 1989, and in 2005 it established a strategic partnership (JV) with Cambridge Display Technology Ltd. (CDT) in PLED development.
In recent years, Sumitomo Chemical has accelerated PLED R&D market penetration by acquiring CDT as a subsidiary in 2007.
In 2011, the manufacturing facility for PLEDs was completed at Osaka Works.

1981 Sumitomo Chemical started development of conductive polymers (MITI project)
1989 Sumitomo Chemical started development of light emitting polymers
2003 Sumitomo Chemical and CDT started collaborative development
2005 Sumitomo Chemical acquired Dow Chemical's polyfluorene business
2007 Sumitomo Chemical acquired CDT and converted it into a wholly owned subsidiary
2011 Completion of manufacturing facility for PLEDs at Osaka Works
PLED Business Planning Office was established
2017 Started full-scale shipment of PLED materials
2021 Integrated PLED business function into IT-related Chemicals Sector

R&D and Production Organization

Material development is handled by the Advanced Material Development Laboratory; mass production technology development is handled by the Industrial Technology & Research Laboratory; and material manufacturing is handled by the Osaka Works.

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